The Best Personal Blenders to Buy in 2021

If you’re looking for the best personal blenders, you’re on the right website. Blenders are amazing appliances – they are so important it’s hard to live without one. Personal blenders are even more important due to the convenience they offer compared to large countertop blenders. 

Personal blenders are also known as single-serve blenders, but don’t let the word “personal” confuse you. They can blend almost everything that countertop blenders can blend, they just come in smaller sizes. 

Personal blenders are really useful for making shakes and smoothies on the go, and you can even make small amounts of sauces, dips, and batters with them. They are portable, so you can carry them around easily, and they are easy to clean. 

Having one in your possession means no more whipping out a large appliance to make a quick smoothie and having to go through the pain of cleaning it every single time. With personal blenders, the jar containing your ingredients is small enough to carry around, so it serves as a cup too. 

A personal blender is the perfect fit for you if you live in a small apartment, are a student, or you live alone. It’s also the right option if you have limited counter space in your kitchen, or you simply don’t have a need for a high-powered one. 

There are many models on the market from different brands, and it can be difficult to choose one out of the hundreds of choices available to you. However, we’ve done the research for you so you don’t have to. Here are the 5 best personal blenders on the market today according to the results of our thorough research and tests.

The 5 Best Personal Blenders in 2021

1.  Magic Bullet 11-Piece Small Personal Blender – Best Rated Personal Blender

With a staggering 28,000 ratings on Amazon, this personal blender is one you absolutely have to check out. Even if you don’t intend to buy it or you don’t like it, just check it out. You might change your mind. 

The Magic Bullet 11-piece personal blender blends, grinds, whips, chops, and mixes. You can use it to prepare your favorite meals, tasty sauces, omelets, dips, and of course smoothies. There’s a total of 11 items included in the package, which consists of the blender, blades, recipe book, and extra cups. 

The recipe book helps you get started on putting the powerful 250-watt power base to good use. The cups are made of high-impact BPA-free plastic, which means they won’t break easily even if you have the habit of dropping them. 

Using this personal blender is easy and only requires four steps. The first step is an obvious one – putting all the ingredients you wish to blend in the cup. The next step is to twist on the blade, after which you need to line up the tabs and place the cup on the base housing the motor, which then does the rest of the work. 

The hallmarks of this personal blender are speed and versatility. Make those milkshakes, frozen cocktails, or anything you want! You can even use it as a sort of food processor, although it won’t match the performance of a standard food processor. 

After you’re done using it, cleaning up is a breeze. It only requires a quick rinse with soap and water. Since its parts are dishwasher-safe, you can also use that if you’re feeling lazy. 

There’s a handy flip top to-go lid for when you’re in a rush and need to quickly make something and take it with you. Just blend, cover the cup, and be on your way. Just in case you’re wondering, this product also makes hummus, baby food, and chops nuts. 

2. Ninja Nutri Pro Compact Personal Blender – Best Personal Blender for Ice

If the Magic Bullet’s perfect balance between power and speed doesn’t cut it for you, then you may want to have a look at the Ninja Nutri Pro personal blender. This model is for those who need more power and are willing to shell out the extra cash to have it. 

This machine offers 900-watts of pure blending power, which is a lot more compared to the 250-watts offered by the Magic Bullet. It can break down veggies and fruits efficiently so you can have delicious and nutritious smoothies all day long if that’s what you want. 

Thanks to its more powerful power base, this personal blender is extremely good at extracting nutrients from ingredients. So, for example, when you load up your fruits to make a cup of juice, you’ll be getting the very best juice you can out of those fruits thanks to its excellent extraction ability. 

The blades in this machine do an awesome job of breaking down anything, including ice. Crushing ice and frozen ingredients is a breeze with this personal blender. It also crushes seeds, nuts, skins, and stems, and the manual pulse function gives you complete control over the consistency of your blends. Want a smooth or granular result? Just keep pulsing until you get your desired results. 

A personal blender like this wouldn’t be complete without a nice lid for the cups. This one has spout ‘sip and seal’ lids so you can cover your drinks and take them with you easily. You have the option of using either the 18oz cup or the 24oz cup. 

All the parts of this personal blender are dishwasher-safe and BPA-free. All in all, this machine offers great value for the money and it’s one you won’t regret buying. 

3. Hamilton Beach 51101AV Personal Blender – Best Portable Personal Blender

I’m not sure what Hamilton Beach aimed to achieve with this personal blender, but they surely got many things right with this model. It’s a model that lets you customize it to truly make it yours. It’s available in two variants and multiple colors. You can opt for the 1-jar version or the version that comes with 2 jars. You can also choose from 6 different colors. The colors available are black, raspberry, red, blue, white, and a combination of white and gray. 

This personal blender is compact, like really compact, and therefore makes a great travel companion. It’s also the perfect office and home blender for those who prefer smaller appliances that won’t take up a huge chunk of space. 

With its blend and go feature which is common among personal blenders of this size, you can blend your ingredients in the jar and simply cover it with the provided lid so you can carry it with you and drink from it whenever you want. The jar (which doubles as a travel mug) has a 14oz capacity, which is more than enough for most people. 

This personal blender is one of the best cheapest models you can get, and as a result of that, slightly lower performance is to be expected. It has a 175-watt motor which obviously isn’t terribly powerful, but is good enough to perform most of the tasks personal blenders are used for, and quite reliable too. 

Its stainless steel blades can crush ice, and it can be used to prepare a host of foods and ingredients, including baby formula, salad dressing, marinades, smoothies, and shakes. All this is possible with a simple touch of its on/pulse button, giving you the best of one-touch blending. 

This is a great little personal blender that will pay for itself over and over again because you’ll be saving money when you have the right tool to make your own smoothies, instead of buying overpriced ones that’ll never be as healthy as the ones you make yourself. 

4. Black+Decker PB1002G FusionBlade Personal Blender – Best Personal Blender for Green Smoothies

This is another single-serve blender that is worthy of the “best” title. It’s placed at #4, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t as good as the others above it. It’s a fantastic personal blender that comes in two colors – gray and red, with two large (20oz) cups as standard. 

The jars are made of quality plastic, and two lids are provided for both. When you’re done and ready to go, twist on the lids and take your jars with you. When you’re through with them, cleaning them is easy. They are also dishwasher-safe. 

Black+Decker’s FusionBlade is the most important component of this personal blender, second only to the 275-watt motor. It does all the crushing and blending, so you can make all the iced drinks you want. Your smoothies will be as ‘smooth’ as they can be because it has the ability to blend evenly. You can even make soups and purees with it. 

There’s no learning curve to undergo with this personal blender. You only have one button to press to start the machine and to turn it off. This button also lets you decide how consistent you want your blends to be. For smoother results, just let it run until your smoothies (or anything you’re making) appears exactly the way you want it. 

The jars are BPA-free, and you can use them without worrying about ingesting toxic chemicals. This personal blender powers through vegetables such as kale and spinach. It smoothly blends chia seeds, almonds, apples, and cashews. If you’re tired of cleaning a big blender each time you make a protein shake or smoothie, this personal blender should definitely be among the list of models you consider for your next purchase. 

5. Ninja QB3001SS Personal Blender – Best Personal Blender for Frozen Fruit

The Ninja QB3001SS personal blender is one you’re going to love and I’m not just saying this because it’s from a popular brand. I say this because it’s a high quality product and it’s built to provide you with everything you need in a personal blender. 

I’m going to start with the most important aspect of this machine, which is the motor. An  appliance like this is nothing without its motor. The more powerful it is, the better the performance. Although blenders designed for personal use don’t require a lot of power to perform the tasks they are designed for, you still want to look for something that has a reasonable amount of power.

This personal blender has a 700-watt motor, which is powerful enough to break down whole fruits and vegetables. It’s also powerful enough to blend tough ingredients such as seeds, nuts, and leafy greens. Making smoothies with this machine is almost too easy thanks to its ability to blend all the ingredients required to make delicious smoothies with ease. 

Did you know that you lose nutrients each time you make something in a blender? For example, if you made a smoothie with ice, dairy, and some fruits, you’d lose some precious nutrients, particularly from the fruits. This is why it’s important to choose a personal blender that has good nutrient extraction capabilities, like this one. 

Good nutrient extraction capabilities simply means the ability to break down fruits, vegetables and other ingredients thoroughly so that most of the nutrients hidden in them are released into your smoothie or whatever it is you’re making.

Operating this personal blender is easy thanks to its pulse technology. All you need to do is push the cup down lightly and the motor takes care of the rest. There’s not even a button to press. It definitely can’t get any easier than this.

When you’re satisfied with the result, simply release it, detach the cup, and enjoy your drink from it. Or if you wish to take it with you to work, school, the gym, or anywhere else, just twist on one of the to-go lids and you’re ready to go. 

This personal blender comes with two cups and two lids, and each cup has a 16-ounce capacity, so if you wake up one morning and decide to drink smoothies all day, you can do just that if you own this personal blender. A recipe guide is also included to get you up and running as soon as possible with 30 amazing recipes.

Other features of this personal blender include a 36-inch electric cord, and a slim design for easy storage when it’s not being used. All its non-electric parts are dishwasher-safe too, so cleaning it is as easy as cleaning a personal blender can be. 

Over to You

So there you have them…the 5 best personal blenders you can buy today. They’re all great products and I can’t say one is better than the other. They’re all good in their own right. At this point, making a choice simply boils down to your budget and how much power you need. Appearance is also a factor. If you like the look of one over another, by all means go for it. I guess what I’m trying to say is you can’t go wrong with any of these five options. 

Best Personal Blender Alternatives To Consider

HadinEEon Personal Blender

This is a special personal blender. It’s special because it has adjustable speeds, a feature you won’t find in most of the other models available on the market. It has 3 speed options – Speed 1, Speed 2, and Pulse mode. 

Speed 2 is the fastest mode and is designed for blending hard fruits and veggies, such as carrots or broccoli. Speed 1 is slower and suitable for softer ingredients such as tomatoes, bananas, and avocados. Pulse mode is exactly what its name implies. You keep pressing until you get the desired results. It’s the mode for large or very hard ingredients like ice. 

The personal blender is available in red and silver colors and looks beautiful in both. It’s powered by a 300-watt motor, and comes with two jars of varying capacities. One is a 10oz jar, and the other is a 20oz jar. Both are BPA-free and double as travel mugs with lids. 

This blender has some extra features like overload and overheating protection, which basically protects it by stopping it from reaching high temperature levels while working. It also has a safety feature that prevents the motor from turning on and running until the cup is locked in place. 

Using this personal blender is as easy as putting the ingredients in the cup, placing and securing it to the base, and selecting a speed setting. All of its removable parts are dishwasher-safe, so cleaning is hassle-free. Overall, this is a well-made product that won’t disappoint you. Click here to read more about this personal blender or buy it at the best price

Aoozi Rechargeable Personal Blender

This is a nice-looking personal blender that redefines portability, doesn’t cost much to own, and has a decent rating on Amazon, but is it any good? This Aoozi model differentiates itself by using a battery as its power source. Its battery has a 4,000mAh capacity, and can be recharged by plugging in a USB charger. 

It’s not a single 4,000mAh battery though. It’s made of two separate 2,000mAh batteries (not that it makes any difference, but whatever). According to thr manufacturer, you can blend with this appliance approximately 20 times on a full charge. That’s pretty awesome. So, when you’re on the go, particularly when traveling, you don’t even need a power source to make a smoothie. I believe a large power bank can charge this machine too. 

It’s made of BPA-free plastic and can be used to make smoothies, baby food, juice, shakes, and anything else you think a personal blender should be able to do, even if you’re on a plane. It’s six powerful blades do all the blending, quickly turning your fruits, ice, and veggies into masses of pulp in a matter of seconds. 

The 13-oz blending cup has a travel lid to protect your smoothies from spillage, and for sipping on the go. This personal blender also has a LED indicator, and that’s always a nice thing to have on an electric appliance. Just below the indicator, you’ll find the on/off button that makes the blades spin your ingredients into the perfect results you desire. The charging port is located just under this button. 

There’s an in-built safety feature that doesn’t let the blender run until the cup is fitted properly. It even stops running if, for any reason, the cup is no longer secured to the base. Cleaning is probably one of the easiest things you’ll do if you buy this personal blender, because it cleans itself easily. Just put enough water in the cup, place it on the base, and turn it on. 

There are a total of 4 items that come along with this product. You get the personal blender, a brush, a user manual, and a USB cable for charging the battery. Once you begin to charge the battery, you’ll usually have a full charge in 3 to 5 hours. It’s not extremely fast, but it’s not too slow either. I believe you can use it even while it’s charging. 

This is an amazing personal blender and its reviews have been overwhelmingly positive. It’s quiet, easy to clean, and blends smoothly and perfectly. It’s one of the top choices for anyone who hates cleaning a countertop blender after every smoothie. Click here to read more about this personal blender or buy it at the best price

What to Look for in a Personal Blender

  1. Wattage: As a rule of thumb, the higher the wattage of the motor in your personal blender, the more powerful it will be, which means it will crush harder ingredients more easily compared to personal blenders with smaller motors. However, this doesn’t mean that all high wattage personal blenders are better than the low wattage ones. Performance depends on other factors too, not just power. So you should only consider power if you intend to blend hard ingredients like ice and frozen fruit.
  2. Durability: Be sure to read a couple of reviews before buying a personal blender. Hopefully, you’ll find a couple of reviews from buyers who have owned their blender for a good while and can provide some clue as to how durable they are.
  3. Cup size and style: Make sure the cup provided with a personal blender is suitable for you and can hold as much as you need. For example, if you consume a 16-ounce smoothie during lunch, it’s necessary to buy a model that comes with 16-ounce cups or larger. The style of the cup also matters. For example, if you’re going on a trip, you need to ensure that the cup can fit in your car’s cup holder before buying it.