The 5 Best Utility Knives For Your Kitchen

There’s a knife for cutting everything in the kitchen, but utility knives are a tad different from other types of kitchen knives. Utility knives are general-purpose knives, or the jack of all trades in the kitchen. 

They can be used to clean fish, slice meat, chop vegetables, and do basically anything that no knife in your kitchen is particularly designed to do.

Utility knives are of two types – knives with straight blades and knives with serrated blades – and both styles are included in this guide. Most of the knives featured in this guide are made by the top Knife brands, and you’re probably familiar with most of them.

If you pick one of the utility knives reviewed below, you’ll be buying one of the best utility knives available on the market today.

The 5 Best Utility Knives to Buy Today

1. Home Hero 5-Inch Kitchen Utility Knife

The Home Hero Utility Knife is an embodiment of quality, value, and durability as far as kitchen knives go. It’s a multi-purpose utility knife you’ll be more than happy to own.

If you’ve ever bought a knife that you had to sharpen before it would cut anything, you know how annoying it is to have to sharpen a new knife before use. This knife is different, though. It’s sharp right out of the box.

It can remove sinew and fat from meat with no issues, slice and dice different kinds of vegetables and fruits, and more. This is possible thanks to its sharp blade. Its blade is made of stainless steel, and it’s a nonstick blade too.

Home Hero’s utility knives are built to last. This knife won’t crack or break after a few weeks or months because it has a very durable blade. It also has a polypropylene handle with a protective coating to make it last even longer.

The stainless steel material used in manufacturing the blade is resistant to rust, so you can wash it as many times as you want, and it’s still going to remain the high-performance knife it was the first time you used it.

2. Mercer Culinary Genesis Forged Utility Knife

This utility knife from Mercer Culinary is a top-of-the-range knife, as evidenced by its 4.8/5 star rating on Amazon.

It has a 5-inch blade made of high-carbon forged steel, which is one of the reasons why its blade is hard, and resistant to rust, discoloration, corrosion, and stains.

You’re going to love handling this knife because it’s so comfortable to grip. Its handle is made of santoprene, a material that weighs less than rubber.

Santoprene simplifies the manufacturing process and, when it is used to make knife handles, they turn out to be more comfortable and safer to grip. This is a win-win for the manufacturer (Mercer Culinary) and you.

This NSF-certified utility knife features a taper-ground edge that allows for cleaner cuts, and makes the knife more efficient while chopping and cutting.

It also adds more stability to the knife, helps it stay sharp much longer, and makes it easier to sharpen when it eventually starts to become dull. Taper-ground edges provide lots of advantages.

You get a limited lifetime warranty from Mercer Culinary if you purchase this knife. To clean it, you just need to wash it by hand when you’re done cooking.

3. Cuisinart C77TR-5SUT 5-Inch Serrated Utility Knife

This utility knife is part of the Cuisinart triple rivet collection of knives. The first thing you’ll notice about this knife is its serrated blade, although its triple riveted handle stands out just as much.

Its serrated blade is made of superior stainless steel with a high carbon content, which is partly responsible for this knife’s accuracy and precision.

The blade extends all the way to the end of the handle (or the beginning, depending on how you look at it), and this is called a full tang blade. The blade is secured to the handle with 3 stainless steel rivets.

The handle is ergonomically designed to give you extra comfort and efficiency while using the knife. There’s a forged safety bolster just below the handle for extra control and stability. This safety bolster is wide and durable.

When this utility knife is not in use, its blade guard will keep the knife safe for you and your family, especially if you have kids around. Cuisinart’s lifetime warranty on this knife is a welcome bonus.

4. Wusthof Classic 5-Inch Serrated Utility Knife

This is another serrated utility knife, this time from Wusthof. It is manufactured in Germany and is one of the more expensive options out there, but for good reason.

Its blade is a precision-forged and high-carbon blade, made from a single blank of stainless steel. This blade has been tempered to 58⁰ Rockwell.

Tempering is the process of improving the elasticity and hardness of steel by heating and cooling it gradually. Rockwell is a metric used to measure the hardness of steel.

The blade on this knife is a full tang blade and is fastened to the handle with 3 rivets. The advantage of this triple-riveted handle is more precise control. There’s a full bolster and a finger guard below the handle too.

This Wusthof utility knife has a feature you won’t find in most knives. It’s called Precision Edge Technology, and when applied to knife blades, they have two times the edge retention and 20% more sharpness compared to standard blades.

Keeping this knife clean is simple. Just wash it by hand or use a dishwasher. Wusthof recommends washing by hand, even though it’s dishwasher-safe.

5. Henckels Classic 5-Inch Serrated Utility Knife

I’ll start off by saying this is a utility knife that is going to get constant use in your kitchen. It has a robust construction and holds its edge even after years of use.

This Henckels utility knife has a full tang and fully forged blade that is manufactured with high quality stainless steel from Germany. The knife is made in Spain though.

Its professional-looking and precision-cutting blade has been finely honed to keep it sharp for a long period of time. It also has a satin finish, which gives the blade a smooth appearance.

This utility knife has an ergonomic handle that makes it comfortable to use, and a triple-riveted handle for balance. It’s durable, thanks to its fully forged construction, which is also the reason why it transitions smoothly from blade to handle.

It features a bolster, is dishwasher-safe, and it’s ideal for slicing muffins and tomatoes. That said, this knife will handle any task that a utility knife can handle.

Over to You

So there you have them, the best utility knives to buy today. If you’re looking to buy your first utility knife or replace an old one, you’ll find the perfect knife for you among these 5 knives featured in this article.

The Wusthof knife is the most expensive knife featured here. If you can afford it, buy the Wusthof or the Henckels knife. If not, the other three are great options too, particularly the Mercer Culinary knife.