Best Open Storage Bins for Perfect Organization

Storage bins are great for storing lots of important items and there are two types you can consider purchasing. The first type is an open storage bin. This is a type of storage bin that doesn’t have a lid. Another option you can consider is a lidded storage bin. 

The primary advantage that lidded storage bins have over open storage bins is the fact that they can protect your items from dust, dirt, and water. These are perfect for long-term storage. However, if you wish to store items that you plan to use frequently, you’re better off getting an open storage container that allows you to easily see your items.

There are two types of open storage bins. The first type is the regular open bin, and the second type is called an open front or front opening storage bin. An open front bin has a front side that is lower in height so you can easily take items out of it without having to pull out the container from your shelf, cabinet, or wherever it is stored. Others have a side that can be opened up and closed as required.

In this guide you will find out about which open storage bins are the best to buy today.

Sorbus Foldable & Stackable Open Front Storage Bin

Sorbus Foldable & Stackable Open Front Storage Bin

This is a large front opening storage bin that contains two stackable boxes for organizing household items and clothing such as bedding, blankets, seasonal clothing, holiday decorations, baby clothes and toys, pet toys, shoes, bags, and anything else you can think of. Whatever you store in it, the front zipper will provide you easy access to add or remove items from the bins and protect your items from pests, water, and dust.

These boxes are also easy to carry around thanks to their efficient carry handles. So, if you are one who travels a lot, you’ll be able to pack and unpack easily between trips. The same applies while moving to a new home. The boxes have a label holder as well, although you may not need it since the front zipper lid is clear (you can see what’s stored in the box without opening it).

When you’re not using it, this Sorbus bin can be collapsed for easy storage. Due to its sturdy metal wire frame, the boxes are stackable. You can stack and store them under your bed, in your office, garage, attic, closet, and inside large chests. The bins are available in 6 colors (beige, blue, teal green, pink, gray, and brown).

Getting started with this bin is easy. You only need to pop it open to reveal the large storage bin ready to use out of the box. The material it is made of is Polyester, which is not only moisture-proof, but moth and dust-proof as well. Thanks to the Polyester material, you can effortlessly wipe stains and dirt off the bins with a damp cloth.

One of the main upsides of this storage bin is its top and front opening. The front opening comes really handy when you wish to take or add items to a stacked box where the top is already covered by another box stacked on it. If you wish to access the last box in the stack, then can you simply use the top opening. Another big upside is the sturdy metal frame that gives the container its shape. Whether it is empty or full, it retains its shape without you having to fill up the bin. You’ll also find silica packets inside the bins for absorption of moisture since they aren’t breathable.

SimpleHouseware Foldable Cube Storage Bin

SimpleHouseware Foldable Cube Storage Bin

This pack of open storage bins from SimpleHouseware comes in eight different colours (beige, black, brown, dark blue, dark gray, gray, pink red, and red). It is a pack of 6 storage bins that easily collapse when not in use to save space. 

It is made of heavy cardboard on all sides of the bin which include four sides and the bottom. Even though the boxes are sturdy, you will find that they are also lightweight, which means that they are easy to move around. You can easily access them thanks to the handles attached to them. The handles are made of fabric, the same colour as the nonwoven polypropylene material which wraps up the entire storage bin.

These storage bins are one of the most affordable you will find in the market. They will fit perfectly in your closet or in your shelf and provide a neat appearance in your home. You will find an extra flap in the package which you can put over the bottom to make it extra strong and sturdy. The boxes are foldable as well. You can load them up with bath products and they will still hold up nice.

These open storage cubes are a perfect solution for storing and organising clothes, office supplies, kid toys, craft supplies, bathroom supplies, and organising your office, closet, and living room. The only downside to this storage bin is its one-sided handle. If you intend to store heavy things, you’re better off getting an open storage bin that comes with two handles on both sides.

Sterelite 16249006 Medium Ultra Basket, Black Basket w/Titanium Inserts

Sterelite 16249006 Medium Ultra Basket, Black Basket w/Titanium Inserts

It’s hard to talk about storage bins without a mention of the Sterelite brand. This is a set of plastic storage baskets/bins, and they come in packs of 6, 8, and 18 baskets. They have contoured handles so you can move them around easily, and they have holes for ventilation. This is a nice feature to have for those that wish to store items that need good ventilation.

This Sterelite basket is designed for organizing homes and offices, countertops, kitchen cabinets, and shelves. It has a smooth finish, so cleaning will always be an easy task. The stickers on the baskets can be removed easily for those who like to peel off product stickers, and the baskets are made in the US if that matters to you. Since the handles are part of the basket and not a separate attachment, you’ll never have to worry about them ripping apart. Unfortunately, you can’t stack the baskets on each other, but you can stack them in each other when they are empty.

The plastic material this basket is made of is hard, hard enough to lend a lot of durability to the basket. Regardless of what you plan to use it for, you won’t be replacing these in a year. If you’re keeping lots of stuff on your table or you find your cabinet filling up faster than you expected, these are what you need. They are perfect for storing items that you use all the time and for saving on space. You can even use labels to take your organization a step further.

Despite the low price, this set of baskets doesn’t look cheap. In fact, they are strong enough to store heavy bottles of shampoo, books, and useful in any area of your home. Since this basket is made of plastic, it will bend under heavy load. So, be sure to avoid storing very heavy items in it if you do decide to purchase it, and hold it by the handle if it contains heavy items. There’s a white-colored variant, but this set of black baskets are sturdier.

Spectrum Diversified Vintage Wall Mount Storage Basket

Spectrum Diversified Vintage Wall Mount Storage Basket

Available in industrial gray and Bronze colors, this vintage storage basket is perfect for storing items you use frequently. Whether you need an open storage bin for your garage, laundry room, bathroom, kitchen, workshop, or craft room, you’ll find this storage bin perfect for storing items for easy access. When it inevitably gets dirty or dusty, a simple wipe with a damp cloth and a subsequent wipe with a dry towel will restore it back to its previous clean appearance.

This is a sturdy storage bin made of steel, and its open design means you can view all the items in it easily and quickly get to what you want. If you don’t want to place it on a cabinet or you have no space for it on the floor, you can mount it on a wall. Thinking of what to do with this basket? How about storing small garage tools, or holding spice bottles and containers in the kitchen, or using it in your bathroom to store soaps and lotions? 

This is an extra-large basket and it comes with screws for mounting it on a wall. You can either use the ones included or use your own screws. If you wish to store heavier items in it, you may want to get longer screws for a more secure placement. You can also get shorter but stronger screws as well, whichever works for you. 

Storage bins collect debris and dirt over time as they are used, but a storage bin with an open design like this one doesn’t have that downside. It’s also easy to clean, not just because of the material it is made of, but also because you won’t have to clean any difficult corners since it has none. As for usability, you’ll find it easy to use. There’s no swinging during use and getting large items out of the basket won’t cause you any trouble. Overall, this is a great vintage storage bin to have.

Household Essentials 84-1 Foldable Fabric Storage Bins

Household Essentials 84-1 Foldable Fabric Storage Bins

An open storage bin that comes in 11 colors is the kind of product you absolutely should take a look at it, even if you don’t know if you’ll purchase it or not. This set of 6 storage bins from Household Essentials will match the interior of any home, office, or nursery. The orange and red colored ones are the most attractive, but your opinion may differ. Either way, it is sure to impress you.

The bins all have one handle which is designed to make pulling the bins out easier and faster. As mentioned in the title, they are also foldable. When they are not in use, simply fold them flat and store them away. You don’t even need to look for a place to store the bins after collapsing the bins since collapsed bins fit in expanded ones. So, if you have 6 bins that you aren’t using, you can fold 5 of them and store them in the 6th one.

The sides and bases are made of sturdy fibreboard. This means you can store and organize shoes, toys, blankets, and other  items without any worries. Each bin measures 11 H x 11 W x 11 D inches and has a weight limit of 15 to 20 lbs. It’s recommended to only store items with a cumulative weight under 20 lbs in these bins.

Since the bins measure 11 inches on all sides, they will fit easily fit in your closet shelf for storing and organizing accessories, games, and clothes. The fibreboard provides the sturdiness while the polyester fabric provides that nice appearance and colors. This fabric, which makes up the outer part of the bins, can be wiped with a damp cloth to remove stains and dust. 

The bins are also durable. They will last long even if you store an active kid’s toys in the box, where toys are being constantly removed and placed back in the box. They are easy to assemble and deep enough to keep a lot of stuff hidden in them. This is the grey-colored set of bins, but you can check out the other colors by clicking the button below.

Whitmor Split Rattique Tank Topper Gray Wash Container

Whitmor Split Rattique Tank Topper Gray Wash Container

As durable as Resin and with the look of Rattan, this open container is sure to impress you with its sturdy metal frame for long-lasting usage. The frame is made of chromed metal, and the body of the basket is made of woven plastic, which looks like an actual traditional basket. It measures 14.0″ x 6.0″ x 4.0″ and is available in PE Rush, Rattique Driftwood, Rattique Graywash, and Water Hyacinth color variants. While this storage container is designed for use on a counter or toilet tank to hold tissue boxes, you can pretty much use it anywhere.

You can store art and craft supplies in it, extra toilet paper, beauty products, hair products, and many more. The box is divided into 3 compartments merged together as you can see in the picture. Each compartment measures 4″ x 5 1/2″. You can easily fit a Kleenex box in one of the compartments and store lots of tea packets in it if you decide to use it to organize your kitchen. If you love organizing your home and supplies in a stylish way, you can combine containers of different colors from Whitmor. The bottom of the container is woven, not flat as you might suspect, but it still sits flat as long as you place it on a flat surface. 

While this is a great storage container to hold almost anything, there’s a common complaint about it that revolves around not being able to hold some types of tissues or tissue paper boxes. This isn’t a big deal, but it is something to be aware of just in case you decide to purchase it. However, if what you want is a simple storage solution to declutter your makeup table, bathroom, bedroom, and other areas of your home, you should find this container a good fit.

MDesign Plastic Open Front Food Storage Bin

MDesign Plastic Open Front Food Storage Bin

This is a pantry, kitchen cabinet, shelf, and refrigerator organizer with a large enough capacity for storing canned and boxed food, energy drinks, baking supplies, etc. This simple storage solution from MDesign is available in packs of 4, 2, or 1. If you have multiple bins, you can use them side-by-side to satisfy your storage needs. This is the best way to use them since they aren’t really stackable. Although you might be able to find a way to stack them, they are best used side-by-side.

Since these are open storage bins, you can easily get what you want out of them. This kind of bin is perfect for busy households where stuff is constantly being removed and added to storage bins. The top opening also extends to the front as you can see in the picture on your right. This makes accessing the content of the bins even easier.

These bins are made of clear BPA plastic, which is both shatter-resistant and chlorine-free. The content of the bins can be readily seen through the clear plastic. The plastic is also safe for storing edible items and food, and it can be cleaned or washed in soapy water. These aren’t dishwasher-safe storage bins, so it’s not recommended to put them in a dishwasher.

Even though these storage bins look like they were designed for the kitchen only, they have versatile applications. You can use them in your laundry room, bedroom, bathroom, playrooms, garages, and even for camping. The bins are cubic in shape, so they are great for furniture units or shelves that are designed to accommodate cubic bins. To make the most of these lightweight open front storage bins, be sure to use them with labels.

Found a Good Fit Yet?

I hope you were able to find an open storage bin you liked in my top 7 list. Or perhaps you like them all and don’t know which of them to pick? If that’s the case, I recommend making your choices based on appearance and budget.

However, if you need a specific recommendation, I’d recommend the #2 pick, which is the SimpleHouseware foldable storage bin. It’s the current best selling open storage bin, and if so many customers love it, you probably will, too. If you prefer an open front bin instead, then get the #1 pick – the Sorbus storage bin.

If you’re interested in getting a lidded storage bin in addition to an open one, check out my comprehensive guide to the best storage bins with lids.