How to Chop Onions With a Food Processor

So, you went grocery shopping and just returned. You have the onions and everything else you need to make a delicious meal for your family or friends (or both), and you’re ready to get started. You glance at the recipe booklet or that recipe blog post you read the previous evening, and then you find out that you need to chop 5 onions to a fine texture.

This is the kind of scenario where food processors come in handy. You definitely don’t want to be left with no choice but to chop that many onions with a knife. You’d cry your eyes out, and it’d take precious minutes of your time to get the task done manually. Here’s how to chop onions with a food processor the right way:

The Right Way to Chop Onions With a Food Processor

With a food processor, you can chop onions in 30 seconds compared to using a knife which would usually take 10 minutes or more. However, you don’t need to use your food processor every single time you need to chop onions. If you only need a half of an onion, then it’ll take you less time to chop it using a knife than it would to use a food processor and then clean it up afterwards.

Also, food processors give you less control over the fineness of your onions, so if your recipe calls for onions chopped to a particular size, then you’re better off using a knife. The tips below will help you get better results while chopping onions with your food processor:

  1. Use the right feed tube: The less room the onions have to move around, the more consistent the results. So use a large tube or a small tube depending on the number of onions you wish to chop. Basically, choose the right tube size that enables you to pack them tightly for better results.
  2. Chop with the pulse function: Using the pulse function gives you more control over how your onions turn out. The automatic processing functions on your food processor can over-process your onions if you’re not careful, and you can’t reverse it. With the pulse function though, you can keep pressing the button until you get exactly what you want.
  3. Trim and apply steady pressure: You may want to slice the onions into two or four parts before passing them through the feed tube with steady pressure. It works for me.

Over to You

These are the tips I apply while chopping onions with my food processor to get good results, and here’s a bonus tip: spray the work bowl, disc, and feed tube with vegetable oil if you’re chopping onions with other ingredients that tend to stick to surfaces. This makes cleanup easier.