Red Copper 12919 Review: Best Portable Electric Griddle

Red Copper 12919

The best portable electric griddles need to be fast enough to cook food in record time and be small and compact enough to carry around to places, such as your workplace. The Red Copper 12919 electric griddle fits the description above perfectly.

As portable as it is, you’ll find that it has many of the features found on larger and more expensive griddles. It has that nonstick surface that everyone looks for in a griddle, which is also PTFE and PFOA free.

Its nonstick surface is really good in terms of cooking food fast and evenly, thanks to its even heating. The surface and the whole griddle is easy to clean as well. When you’re done cooking, all you need to make it look clean again is a clean damp cloth.

The material used in producing this griddle is stainless steel, which is copper infused and resistant to scratches as well thanks to its anti-scratch properties.

This Red Copper griddle is perfect for making grilled cheese sandwiches, omelets, burgers, chicken, and paninis. Of course, you can also use it to make other kinds of food not mentioned here.

It has dual heating elements in its cover and base for faster and more even heat distribution, and there’s a quick lock attached to its handle. Once you close the griddle, it locks on its own.

Half of the handle is attached to the base of the griddle and the other half is attached to the top cover of the griddle. Closing the griddle brings these two handles together to form one easy-to-grip and stay-cool handle for enhanced portability.

When the griddle is open and in use, the half handles also serve as separate handles for handling the griddle while cooking/cleaning it and for closing/opening the top cover during your cooking session. The items in its package includes the griddle itself, a spatula, and a recipe book.

Red Copper describes this griddle as a 5-minute Chef griddle, and that’s not surprising because it deserves the label, due to how easy and fast it cooks. To use it, you just need to fill it up with your food, close it, and let it cook for 5 minutes and your food will be ready to serve.

Red Copper 12919 Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does it have heating elements on both sides? Yes, it does. It has two deep wells at the top and bottom which house your food, and each well has a heating element, so it cooks your food on both sides at the same time.

2. How many watts of power does this electric griddle consume? This is an 800-watt and 120v/60hz griddle.

3. How large would an omelet cooked in this griddle be? You’ll get a 7.5-inch long and 3.5-inch wide omelet with 2 eggs, which is the recommended maximum for this griddle.

4. Do I get a cookbook if I buy this griddle? Yes, a recipe booklet is included. It contains some great meal ideas.

5. Is there a warranty on this electric griddle? Yes, you are eligible for a refund if you follow all the usage instructions and still experience issues within a month of purchasing it.

Red Copper 12919 User Reviews

I made a chocolate cake and an omelet. Then my husband made hashbrowns and apple pies. Almost everything we put in this griddle is ready in 5 minutes.

User Review

This is the ideal griddle if you want a simple electric griddle for simple meals that is also smoke-free. Liquid doesn’t fly out the griddle while cooking.

User Review

I use this griddle to make lunch at work. I make an omelet with 2 eggs, cook some turkey, and enjoy the perfect lunch.

User Review

If you really need a portable electric griddle, you can’t go wrong with this one. Be sure to use its spatula as it’s designed specifically for this griddle. Other types of spatulas may damage its cooking surface. Click here to check how much it currently sells for.