Presto 07047 Review: Best Non Stick Electric Griddle

Want an electric griddle that makes your cooking so much more enjoyable by offering you stick-free cooking? How about being able to clean it fast and easily after using it? I’m reviewing the Presto 07047 griddle today, which is the best non stick electric griddle in my opinion.

This griddle uses 1300 watts of power to cook your meals evenly. The power delivers heat evenly across its 16-inch long and about 10-inch wide cooking surface, which is where all the magic happens.

It has a temperature control dial that you can use to select the right temperature for your food (up to 400 degrees). Once you’ve done that, its Control Master function takes over and maintains this temperature without you needing to manually adjust the temperature until you’re done cooking.

This griddle has a low profile design. I like how simple it looks, and its various features are simple and easy to operate as well. You can also use this griddle as a nice buffet server thanks to its cast aluminium base and low profile design.

To clean this griddle, you just need to remove the heat control, after which the griddle becomes fully immersible. You can either wash it by hand or in a dishwasher – yes, with the heat control detached, it is dishwasher safe.

As with most electric griddles, this one comes with the essential drip tray as well. It slides in easily for cooking and slides out easily when it’s cleaning time.

This griddle also has extra features, such as a backstop ledge built in to ease the process of handling food. When you’re done cooking, it fits into any kitchen cabinet for convenient storage. It is also easier to handle thanks to its cool touch surfaces.

The Presto 07047 electric griddle is a must-have griddle. It’s not the most expensive griddle out there, but it does its job impressively.

It has all the features you’ll probably ever need in an electric griddle. It warms up and is ready to use in about five minutes, and its raised edges means no more messy cleanup.

Presto 07047 Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does this griddle have a warm setting I can use? Yes, it does have a warm setting you can use.

2. What’s the best way to use this griddle as a warming tray? Even though this is a pretty versatile griddle and some users use it as a warming tray and even place it under their bed to warm it up, this griddle is designed for cooking burgers, eggs, French toasts, and more. It’s not advisable to use this as a warming tray.

3. How many slices of bread am I able to cook at the same time on this griddle? This electric griddle can cook up to eight slices of bread at once.

4. Does it have a patterned or smooth cooking surface? The cooking surface on this griddle is completely smooth.

5. What length of cord do I get with my purchase? There’s a 30-inch long cord in every package.

Presto 07047 User Reviews

I’ve always preferred electric griddles over stovetops for making pancakes, and, as such, I’ve grown picky when it comes to choosing an electric griddle to buy. I was impressed by this one.

User Review

The best thing about an indoor electric griddle like this one is your outdoor grill can be substituted for it during winter.

User Review

It’s so versatile we can cook many things on it. Eggs, quesadillas, grilled cheese, meatballs, chicken, fish, you name it. We even saute vegetables on it. It’s not bulky, and it’s not small. It’s just the right size for us.

User Review

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