Presto 7072 Review: Best Extra Large Electric Griddle

Griddles are available in different sizes, from compact to extra large. The Presto 7072 is one of the best options on the market if you’re looking for the best extra large electric griddle to buy.

It’s a 22-inch electric griddle, and if that size is too large for you, you can go for the smaller 15-inch and 20-inch variants. This 22-inch griddle is geared towards those who need larger cooking surfaces to ease the process of cooking for a family or a sizable number of guests.

The fun part of having a griddle is using it. The best part of having a griddle is enjoying the pancakes, burgers, and other types of food cooked with it.

What comes next after that? Cleaning – and that isn’t so much fun. Thankfully, this griddle has a slide out drip tray, so removing the drip tray and cleaning it will always be a breeze.

The griddle itself is also easy to clean. It has a premium nonstick 13″ x 22″ cooking surface that not only makes the process of cooking easier by preventing sticky cooking, but also makes the cleaning process much easier as well.

The main area of an electric griddle that needs cleaning most of the time is its cooking surface. When you have a cooking surface that doesn’t allow sticking like the one in this griddle, you’ll be amazed at how easy keeping your griddle clean can be.

The Presto 7072 griddle is perfect for making all types of meals – from breakfast to dinner. Its large cooking surface also doubles as a buffet server when you’re done cooking.

As with most electric griddles made by Presto, this griddle also features a removable heat control, which means you can safely clean the griddle in water without any risk of damage to any part of the griddle.

The heat control included in this griddle uses Presto’s proprietary Control Master technology, which keeps the selected cooking temperature steady while you cook.

The cooking surface of this electric griddle is heavy cast aluminum. It has a slimline design which removes all the hassle from storage. As a result, it won’t take up much space in your cabinet.

Its slimline design looks elegant too – and since this is a very large griddle, it makes sense for it to be this slim. Without the slimline design, it would look bulky.

Presto 7072 Frequently Asked Questions

1. Even heating is very important to me. How does this griddle measure up? This electric griddle heats evenly. So long as preheat it for 5 to 10 minutes as recommended by Presto, you won’t have to worry about things like half-baked pancakes or other problems resulting from uneven heating.

2. Does the excess grease or oil go into the drip tray directly? Yes, grease drips into the drip tray through a hole designed for channeling it to the drip tray.

3. Can I remove the handles of this griddle? No, this particular Presto griddle model does not have handles that can be detached from the griddle.

4. Is the cooking surface removable? No, it isn’t. Just the drip tray is. However, since the griddle can be immersed in water and there aren’t many grooves in it, you can clean the cooking surface just as thoroughly as you could if it were removable.

5. I have a granite counter top. Would this electric griddle slide on it? No, it won’t. Its rubber feet make sure this never happens.

Presto 7072 User Reviews

I was surprised by its size. It’s quite large, its cooking surface is exactly as described, and I like how thin it is. I can make 8 pancakes on mine.

User Review

Its cooking surface heats up fast and evenly. This is a beautiful product from Presto.

User Review

This griddle helps out a lot as we always do big breakfasts on weekends. I can cook a complete tube of sausage and pack of bacon all at once on its amazing cooking surface. I also use this to cook a couple of large tortillas.

User Review

If an extra large electric griddle is what you need, the Presto 7072 is perfect for all your needs. Click here to check the current price of the Presto 7072 extra large griddle.