Black+Decker GD2051B Review: Best Electric Pancake Griddle

The Black+Decker GD2051B griddle is the best electric pancake griddle for me. It’s an extra large family sized griddle, which means it is large enough to cook for an entire family.

It can cook 8 servings of food on its 200 square inches nonstick cooking surface. Its cooking surface is easy to clean, and its drip tray is easy to remove. All the excess grease and fat from your cooking goes into the drip tray so you can easily dispose of them.

Black+Decker surely know how to make their products appear special, and they’ve done so with this one by including a warming tray in the griddle.

The warming tray is designed to hold cooked food while you cook the next set. It keeps already cooked food warm so, at the end of your cooking session, you’ll have only warm food ready to serve rather than having some almost cold and some warm, which would be the case without the warming tray. This is especially useful if you’re cooking for a family.

This electric griddle heats evenly and fast, and its cooking temperature can be adjusted thanks to its temperature knob, which is built into the detachable probe. Whether you’re making pancakes or bacon/eggs, you’ll find this griddle perfect for any cooking task.

Before you begin cooking with this electric griddle or any griddle for that matter, be sure to turn it on and let it heat up and distribute the heat evenly.

The heat has a source and that’s usually the hottest part of the griddle in the beginning. Give it some minutes to warm up evenly and you’ll have a cooking surface ready to make the best pancakes.

Black+Decker GD2051B Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does the temperature control work – does it stay on when it reaches the desired temperature or does it turn off? It turns off when it reaches the temperature you selected.

2. What is the size of the entire griddle? The griddle has a height of 3.5 inches, a width of 13 inches and a length of 24 inches.

3. How many watts does this griddle use? This is a 1500-watt electric griddle.

4. Can you detach all the parts of the griddle, leaving only the cooking surface for easier cleaning? No, you can’t. However, the probe can be detached, and once it is detached, you can completely immerse the griddle in water for easier cleaning without any damage to the electrical parts.

5. What is the length of the electrical cord, and is it grounded? The length of the cord is about 26 inches, give or take. You can get an extension if your power outlet isn’t close enough to your griddle. The cord is not grounded.

Black+Decker GD2051B User Reviews

I no longer need to put the first batch of food in the oven or simply let my daughter eat hers while I cook mine. I can use the warming tray to keep everything warm so we can eat together as mother and daughter. So nice.

User Review

I made eight large pancakes with no issues all at once. I was also able to cook my bacon and make six smaller sized pankcakes at the same time.

User Review

Cleaning it after use is easy. It cools off fast after unplugging it, after that I just wipe it with a damp cloth. My bacon doesn’t curl up, eggs, hamburgers and everything you cook in it come out perfect. It’s so versatile.

User Review

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