The 4 Best Electric Griddles You Should Consider in 2021

Buying an electric griddle is one of the best kitchen purchases I’ve ever made. I absolutely love my griddle. Its large cooking surface means I can cook whatever I want on it, and as much food as I want. It’s much better than cooking in frying pans.

If you’re like me and you want to experience the awesomeness of griddles which enable you to make pancakes, cheese sandwiches, and more with ease – or your previous griddle broke down and you’re looking for a suitable replacement, read on as I show you the best ones to buy today.

Top Griddle Picks For 2021

Presto 07061 22-inch Electric Griddle

If you’re talking about kitchen appliances and you haven’t mentioned a Presto product, you have yet to begin! Unlike some of the other electric griddles featured here, this one is a simple griddle.

The Presto 07061 griddle is a combo of metal and plastic materials. Its cooking surface is a premium one, and it’s a nonstick surface as well. Its base is made of heavy cast aluminium, so it will never warp for as long as you use it.

Cleaning this griddle is easy. The cooking surface is easy to clean since food doesn’t stick to it, and the drip tray is easy to take out and clean as well. One thing I really like about this electric griddle is its removable heat control.

Once you detach the heat control from the griddle, you can fully immerse it in water for thorough cleaning. Another reason why it’s so easy to clean is the handles can be removed as well, so they won’t get in the way of cleaning.

You’ll also like the fact that you can remove the handles simply because the griddle is easier to store that way. When it’s not in use, simply open the latch clips to remove the handles and tuck it away in your cabinet if it’s a standard 18-inch cabinet.

The cooking area of this griddle is large, approximately 231 square inches. To put this in perspective, you can make 8+ pancakes at once with this griddle. Its Control Master heat control facilitates even cooking by keeping the temperature consistent, so you can finally say goodbye to dark/hot spots on your pancakes.

Click here to check the price of this griddle. If it’s within your budget, you could also consider a different version of this griddle that is the exact same griddle as this one, only that it comes with grill tools (stainless steel spatula, tongs, and fork). Check it out here.

Cuisinart GR-4N 5-in-1 Griddler

I would call this one a hard-to-resist griddle, and it’s my 2nd pick of all the griddles on the market today. With five great functions packed into one griddle, there’s absolutely no reason why you won’t love it.

This Cuisinart griddle has nonstick cooking plates for making the perfect meal. While cooking with this, the drip tray included in the griddle collects excess grease which drains into it from the cooking plates, which means you’ll be eating healthier meals if you own this griddle.

It comes with a floating cover which adapts to the size of food in the griddle and a panini-style handle. It is also BPA free and has a housing made of brushed stainless steel which looks good and will most likely match other items in your kitchen.

You can use this electric griddle as a half grill/griddle, full griddle, full grill, panini press, and contact grill. Those are the five functions referred to earlier. Any of these functions can be selected using the selector dial.

You can adjust the temperature with the temperature dials on the front of the griddle. You’ll also find indicator lights on those as well. The package includes the griddle, a user manual, a scraping tool, and gourmet recipes.

There’s an advanced version of this griddle that has a LED display and six cooking options (as opposed to five on this one). It’s called the GR-300WS Griddler Elite. Click here to check out this griddle or click here to check out the advanced Griddler Elite.

Dash DMS001AQ Mini Maker Round Electric Griddle

This is the griddle for you if you like portable griddles. It’s perfect for making snacks, for breakfast, and for lunch meal preparations. It can handle everything you throw at it – eggs, pancakes, cookies, grilled cheese, and more. This griddle is a mini one, so it’s designed for individual servings only.

It’s compact and weighs only 1 pound – perfect for individuals living in smaller apartments with smaller kitchens, college students in dormitories, for campers, and for RVers.

To get started using it, you just need to plug it in like you would any appliance. Once the indicator light appears, it begins to heat it up and within minutes, it’s ready to use.

This Dash griddle cooks food evenly and consistently thanks to its dual non-stick surfaces. Its colors will also complement your kitchen’s decor, and its small size means you won’t have to worry about it taking up all the space on your countertop.

It’s available in 6 different colors – aqua, black, pink, red, silver, white – and they all differ in prices by $1-2 at most. Since this is an electric appliance, Dash provides a 1-year warranty to buyers of this griddle, so if anything goes wrong, you can possibly get a replacement under the terms of the warranty.

The items you’ll find in the package are the griddle, a recipe book, and a recipe database access. As you get started using it, it will get dirty, but cleaning is easy. You can wipe any part of it (excluding the electrical parts) with a clean cloth. Click here to get more information or check the price of this amazing griddle.

Hamilton Beach 38518R Durathon Ceramic Griddle

Hamilton Beach 38518R electric griddle

When you need to make a lot of food, a griddle with a large cooking surface comes in handy. The size of the cooking surface determines how fast you’ll complete your cooking session.

The Hamilton Beach 38518R electric griddle has a 200 square inch surface for cooking, which is large enough for most people. Its cooking surface is also guaranteed to last 4 times longer compared to the nonstick surfaces found on other griddles.

This durability is as a result of the ceramic nonstick coating on the its cooking surface. Hamilton Beach also left out PTFE and PFOA while manufacturing this griddle, so you won’t have to worry about those harmful chemicals.

Unlike other lower quality electric griddles whose cooking surfaces begin to crack and peel after a while, this griddle’s cooking surface doesn’t crack or peel. Again, this is thanks to its ceramic nonstick coating.

Adjusting cooking temperature while using this griddle is a breeze. All you need to do is turn the temperature dial. You can set the temperature to 200ºF and all the way to 400ºF, which is the maximum temperature setting.

The easiest way to clean an electric griddle is to immerse its cooking surface in water. Since this one is fully immersible, it’s very easy to clean as a result.

To clean this griddle, you just need to remove the power cord. After doing that, it’s safe to immerse the griddle in water. You can remove the grease tray as well. Aside from the power cord, all the parts of this griddle are dishwasher-safe.

To prevent burning your hands while cooking and to make cooking easier and more comfortable, this electric griddle comes with cool-touch handles.

Whether you want to make bacon, pancakes, and fried eggs for breakfast, grilled cheese sandwiches at lunch time, or hamburgers/hotdogs for dinner, this electric griddle is flexible enough for all your cooking needs.

Click here to check out this griddle, read more reviews, and view its latest price.

Other Amazing Electric Griddles to Check Out

The griddles featured above are some of the best ones to buy. Of course, there are other great ones, but the ones above top the list. Here are two more we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend:

Presto 07062 Ceramic 22-inch Electric Griddle: Similar to the Presto 07061 griddle, but this one is a ceramic griddle. Check it out here.

Black+Decker Family-Sized Electric Griddle: An excellent griddle that is well worth the money. You can read a full review of this griddle here. You can check out its price here.

Picking The Right Griddle

You cannot do without a griddle in your kitchen because they are so useful in preparing various types of meals, from breakfast to dinner. Griddles can also be used not just in the home, but in restaurants and outdoors. The outdoor griddles are mostly used by caterers, and the commercial ones are usually preferred for outdoor and catering purposes.

Electric griddles can make many types of food – pancakes, steaks, vegetables, tempura, sausages, burgers, eggs – you name it, and they are relatively unmatched in terms of heating grilled sandwiches when compared to other kitchen appliances.

Electric griddles have a huge advantage in that they are easy to clean thanks to their non-stick surfaces. You’ll find that you can even immerse many of the griddles available today in water or wash them in your sink since many of them have removable temperature controls.

The hallmark of a good griddle is even heating. No other feature is more important in a griddle than the ability to heat evenly. That’s the striking difference between a low quality and a high quality griddle.

When your griddle heats evenly, foods like scrambled eggs and pork chops will have that nice golden brown color that everyone loves, and the color will be on all sides of the food.

Most people need griddles for cooking different types of food with different temperature requirements, so a temperature control is an important feature to look out for.

Electric griddles come in different shapes, sizes, weight, thickness, quality, and at different prices. When you go over to an online, you may want to purchase the cheapest one you can find, but remember, you get what you pay for. Don’t be hesitant to spend more for better quality and performance.

Electric Griddle Buying Guide

Electric Griddle Plate Thickness

Thicker plates heat more evenly, so check this first before choosing your griddle. The thickness also determines the ability of the plate to retain heat. The thickness of electric griddle plates ranges from 1-inch to 3/8-inch thickness, but there might be outliers.

When you add a new batch of food to a thicker plate, it heats up faster because it retains more heat, which speeds up cooking. But the downside is electricity consumption is higher with thicker plates, so consider your budget before making a choice.

Another advantage of thicker plates is they are more durable. Thin plates are more likely to crack and wear out, and this happens faster if you have a habit of taking frozen food from your refrigerator and cooking them on the griddle often. Of course, griddles that come with thinner plates are cheaper and use less electric energy, so that’s one upside to consider.

Electric Griddle Plate Surface

Some electric griddles have smooth cooking surfaces while others have textured cooking surfaces. Textured surfaces offer greater non-stick performance compared to smooth ones.

Also, you’ll want to pick a griddle whose cooking surface is PTFE and PFOA free. This means that it’s free from these harmful chemicals.

Cooking surfaces on griddles are made of different materials. Some are made of heavy cast aluminum, others are made of ceramic, copper, steel, chrome-plated steel, and more.

Steel plates are easier to clean and last longer, however, they lose their luster over time. Chrome plated steel plates are better at heat distribution, but attracts a higher price tag.

Electric Griddle Sizes & Temperature Control

Electric griddles are available in very small sizes for portability. These are the types you want to take with you on a trip, for camping, etc. They are also perfect if you cook only for yourself or if you have a really small kitchen.

Larger griddles are available for families as well. You can prepare meals for the entire family at once with a family-sized griddle. They usually come with a warming tray as well to keep already cooked food warm if you need to cook more.

The best griddles come with thermostats that adjust cooking temperature automatically. Some even have more than one for adjusting temperature on different grill plates or sides when you have different types of food cooking. Detachable grill plates is something to look for as well if you want to mix up your cooking.


I hope the reviews and the buying guide above has helped you or at least set you on the right path to picking the best griddle for you. You can also check out the other reviews on the sidebar for more. If you have any questions about these electric griddles or need any help picking one, please contact us.