Oster Griddle Review: Best Electric Griddle For Steaks

Steaks are lovely, and several factors affect how good they taste. One of those factors is the quality of the griddle used in making them. This Oster griddle is one of the best electric griddles for steaks.

One of its hallmarks is its nonstick DuraCeramic coating on the cooking surface. This is better than other types of nonstick coating for various reasons. It doesn’t peel or flake, and it’s at least four times more durable than other types of coating.

It also speeds up your cooking as it’s able to transmit heat from the heating elements to your food twenty times faster than other nonstick coating materials.

This electric griddle has a large cooking surface with dimensions of 10″ x 18″, which means it’s ideal for cooking for an entire family. Another feature of this griddle that aids large scale cooking is its warming tray. The warming tray will keep your food warm until you’re done cooking and ready to serve it.

When cooking different types of food on a griddle, it’s necessary to adjust the temperature accordingly. This Oster griddle features a temperature control that lets you set the right temperature for the right type of food.

This temperature control is also removable. When you’re done cooking, you can simply remove it and serve the food. Once the food is served, cleaning is much easier with the temperature probe removed.

You cannot immerse this Oster griddle in water, though, even with the temperature probe removed. Oster recommends cleaning with a damp cloth once the griddle has cooled off.

This griddle comes with a grease tray to collect grease drippings while cooking. You might notice that some parts of the cooking surface are slightly hotter than others while cooking, but heat distribution is generally good. The color of this griddle is black, but there’s a red one available for purchase as well.

Oster Griddle Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the dimensions of the entire griddle? The length of the entire griddle is 22.5 inches and the width of the entire griddle is 12.5 inches.

2. Is it advisable to use a metal flipper on the cooking surface? No, you’re better off using a silicone spatula. A metal flipper would scratch the cooking surface and eventually cause damage with prolonged use.

3. What’s so special about the DuraCeramic coating? Meals cooked on cooking surfaces with this coating are healthier. The cooking surface (and the warming tray) is PFOA and PTFE free.

4. Are other types of metal utensils safe to use with this griddle? No, avoid all metal utensils and use plastic and wooden ones instead.

5. How easy is it to clean? It’s easy to clean if you use it properly. If you cook at an excessively high temperature and some of your food burns and sticks to the surface, cleaning is going to be noticeably harder

Oster Griddle User Reviews

There’s no better way to make breakfast than using this griddle.

User Review

There are noticeable hot spots on this griddle, but it’s great for making pancakes for my kids.

User Review

Oster griddles are amazing. This is the second time I’m buying one.

User Review

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