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Best Decorative Pitchers For Water, Wine, And More

Tired of your old pitcher and looking for a decorative pitcher to hold water and other liquids for you? Try the ones reviewed below. These pitchers are made of different materials. Some of them are made of ceramic, others are made of glass, metal, stainless steel, and more. However, the most common material is ceramic, and that’s because they look so good. Ceramic lends itself well to art and decorations, so most pitchers you’ll find will be made of ceramic – and the ceramic ones tend to look better than their counterparts. That said, I’ll be reviewing a mixture of these in this article.

Cobalt Blue Extra Large Gluggle Jug

Cobalt Blue Extra Large Gluggle Jug

Starting with a ceramic pitcher, this gluggle jug looks extremely well-made and is currently selling like hot cakes. It is available in 20 different colors, including black, green, hand painted, mandarin, and more. The color shown in the picture is cobalt blue, which is a nice color, but I think the best-looking color is the hand painted one – it’s absolutely adorable. The light/dark gray ones and the blue one are to die for. The pitcher is also available in four sizes – large, extra large, mini, and X-large.

This is a gluggle pitcher, so expect it to gluggle merrily as you pour liquids out of it. If you want to hear it gluggle well, make sure it’s 3/4 full. The raw ceramic used in manufacturing this pitcher is some of the finest British ceramics available today. The entire pitcher is also glazed, hence its shiny look. The end product is a beautiful and smooth ceramic pitcher that is easy to use. Gripping it is easy, pouring wine out of it is easy as well. You can store all sorts of liquid in this pitcher – water, wine, and any liquid you can think of. With this pitcher, you won’t have to leave the table to refill your glass anymore. Simply get it filled up with what you wish to drink and refill your glass to your satisfaction.

Wade Ceramics, the company behind this pitcher, modeled it after a late 1800’s historical fish design, which gives it a distinct look and sets it apart from other pitchers. There are other gluggle pitchers on the market from other companies, but this is the best-looking one I’ve seen. Wade Ceramics manufacture their pitchers in England, and the quality speaks for itself. The pitcher is dishwasher-safe, but using a dishwasher could damage the glazing, so a hand wash with a mild detergent and a damp cloth is recommended instead.

Fun is all you’ll experience if you have this pitcher in your possession, particularly if you have kids. They will beg you to fill it up again for another round of gluggling. As mentioned above, when it’s 3/4 full, it gluggles more until there’s about 1/4 of liquid left inside. At that point it diminishes, but the gluggle is still there to enjoy. The bigger the pitcher, the louder the gluggle, so if that’s one of the reasons you decide to buy this pitcher, don’t select the mini size.

This pitcher can be used for everything from simple home dinners to wedding parties. Your friends will thank you for this pitcher during your get-togethers. You and your kids will love to hear it gluggle or gurgle, and your table will look better thanks to its gorgeous looks. Whether you choose to use it as a decorative piece or not, it will beautify that part of your home where it’s kept, as that is one of the things it is designed to do.

Purefold Glass Pitcher With Lid

Purefold Glass Pitcher With Lid

If a glass pitcher is what you’re looking for, this Purefold glass pitcher is one of the best you can buy. It is made of lead-free borosilicate glass material, which has many advantages. Borosilicate glass, compared to regular glass, has crystal clarity which is a very important feature for a glass pitcher. It is also stronger, lighter, resistant to corrosion, very easy to clean, and highly resistant to high temperature. Its temperature resistance means this glass pitcher is perfect for storing hot and cold liquids alike, as the glass won’t be affected by the temperature of the liquids you store in it. This is also the reason why this glass pitcher is heat resistant and stovetop-safe. Its temperature range is 0 to 300 ℉.

This glass pitcher also comes with a filter lid that you can rotate to serve beverages from the pitcher, and rotate back when you are done. The lid is made of stainless steel, and this choice of material for the lid flawlessly complements the pitcher. The lid stays firmly in place when it’s used to cover the pitcher, and taking it off is easy. When it comes to cleaning, you have the choice of either washing it by hand or dropping it in a dishwasher. However, washing by hand is the option Purefold recommends. This pitcher is designed for serving milk, juice, iced tea, hot and cold water, and other types of beverages, and it does this perfectly. There’s a handle by the side of the pitcher for easier handling.

The capacity of this pitcher is 60 ounces. If you don’t have a large family or aren’t entertaining a lot of guests, 60 ounces is probably going to be enough for you. If not, there are 68-ounce and 100-ounce versions of this pitcher for those who need bigger ones. Durability is, without a question, not something you’ll ever need to worry about if you get this pitcher, mainly thanks to its borosilicate glass which doesn’t break easily. I also like the straight body design of the pitcher. This design means the pitcher won’t take up too much space in your cabinet or refrigerator.

You can boil tea in this pitcher – yes, you can. Its peak temperature as stated by Purefold, is 300 ℉, and your tea will never get that hot, so it’s completely safe. One annoying thing you’ll notice on some other similar products is ribs or sharp corners. These are disadvantageous in that you’ll often find juice or tea residue in those parts, which can make cleaning harder. Not with this pitcher, though. It doesn’t have any ribs or sharp corners, and I believe its straight body design is to thank for that.

This is a beautiful decorative pitcher that will look great in any cabinet, refrigerator, or on any table due to its sleek and modern design. I like the fact that, even with big hands, you can still reach all the parts of its walls while cleaning it. I don’t like the lid as much as the pitcher. The pitcher is just perfect, but the lid is wanting a bit in terms of utility. You can’t shake beverages in the pitcher without some leaking off at the lip. It’s just a little leakage that probably won’t bother you, but I felt I had to let you know about this. In addition to that, the lid is not airtight, and evaporation can occur through the little gaps between the lid and the pitcher.

These aren’t deal breakers, but an airtight lid with a seal that completely seals the pitcher would have made this pitcher flawless. Click the button below to check it out.

Artisan’s Anvil Copper Pitcher 

Artisan’s Anvil Copper Pitcher

Absolutely amazing. That’s how I would describe this copper pitcher in two words. If you don’t already like the color of copper, you’ll love it as soon as you get your hands on this pitcher. This is a pitcher made of 16-gauge pure copper, and completely made by hand. It has a hammered finish which was done by hand, and a handle also made of copper that has been smoothened and welded to the pitcher. The capacity of the pitcher is 70 oz, which means it can hold at least 2 litres of water or any beverage. The weight of the empty pitcher is 2 pounds, with dimensions of 8″ H x 5.5″ W x 5.5″ D.

This copper pitcher is designed to hold water and any beverage such as juice, cocktail, and tea. It is durable, and you’ll certainly get a lot of use out of it. Of course, there’s no risk of it breaking since it’s not made of ceramic or glass, so it can only wear out in the looks department. With regard to that, you’ll be happy to know that Artisan’s Anvil have taken measures to ensure that the pitcher continues to look sleek and shiny even after several years of use by coating the outer part of the pitcher with tarnish-resistant coating. Another reason why it is so durable is the many steps each pitcher passes through during production to ensure that each one meets Artisan’s Anvil quality standards.

Even though you can certainly use this copper pitcher to serve hot drinks, it’s actually designed for keeping drinks cold. It’s made of copper, a metal that is known for keeping drinks cold when used to make a container. This is probably why it doesn’t have a lid, as it isn’t meant for keeping hot drinks. This pitcher can also serve as a decorative item or a centerpiece anywhere you want. It’s versatile and can be used for many other things around the home, such as Ayurveda. Once you’re done using the pitcher, you can easily clean it up by hand using a damp cloth and mild soap. Since copper is not microwave or dishwasher-safe, it’s not recommended to put this pitcher inside any of these appliances.

Drinking water from a copper pitcher can benefit the body in many ways. The copper charges the water, and then it makes its way into your body so you can get all the health benefits of copper, which includes maintaining cardiovascular health, brain health, skin health, healthy digestive system, improving weight loss, killing bacteria, and more. Also, water stored in any container made of copper stays fresh, unlike other materials where the water would go stale after some time. It gets tiring having to constantly go to the kitchen, so storing water in this pitcher means you’ll be drinking more water (which is good for your health) and avoiding the inconvenience of getting it.

Artisan’s Anvil’s copper pitcher simply looks stunning. It doesn’t contain any aluminum, tin, brass or other types of fillers. It’s simply genuine copper. Due to how amazing it looks, it’s a great gift for weddings, birthdays, and other occasions. If you don’t like the hammered look, Artisan’s Anvil offers a smooth version of this pitcher as well, with all the qualities of the hammered version. You can view both of them by clicking the button below.

It’s Time to Get Your Decorative Pitcher

If you like the sound of gurgling, get the Wade Ceramics gluggle pitcher. If you prefer a clear pitcher that is also great for keeping hot drinks, get the Purefold glass pitcher, and if you want a pitcher that keeps your drinks cold and has amazing benefits for your body too, get the Artisan’s Anvil copper pitcher. The pitcher with the best looks, in my opinion, is the gluggle pitcher. This is entirely subjective of course, so your opinion may differ.