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The Best Decorative Jars For Any Home

Decorative jars have their place in every home, and you won’t believe how much they could improve the look of your home unless you’ve had some in your home before, particularly the ones designed for decorating walls. If you visit any popular online store, you’ll find thousands of these jars for sale. Filtering through thousands of jars can be difficult, so let me help you by showing you the best jars that you should pay the most attention to.

Homko Decorative Mason Wall Decor Jar

Homko Decorative Mason Wall Decor  Jar

This looks like a rustic wall sconce, only that you won’t be putting any candles in it because it has its own light. It’s a complete wall sconce package that contains a wooden board from which the jar hangs, flowers positioned just above the jar, and led strip lights in the jar. Let’s start with the wooden board.

The wooden board is made of natural handpicked wood which has been cut by hand, sanded by hand, and stained by hand as well. The beautiful lights are the most attractive part of this decorative jar. They automatically light up for 6 hours, and stay turned off for the other 18 hours of nighttime/daytime when they won’t be needed in order to save energy. This is an optional feature, and you can choose it to activate it or leave it always turned on. The timer starts when you activate it. For example, it if you activate it at 5:00 pm, it will stay on until 11:00 pm and then turn off by itself, and then turn on at 5:00 pm again the next day.

The dimensions of the wooden board are L11”xW4.3”xH1.2”. The jar has a height of 5 inches, a diameter of 3 inches, and a capacity of 3 oz. If you don’t like the off-white flowers in the jar, you can replace them with any type of flower you choose. This stylish jar can be placed anywhere – in your bathroom, bedroom, living room, kitchen, hallway, and more. Besides your home, you can use it in bars, cafes, and restaurants if you own any of those businesses.

The accent of this jar is amazing to behold. It doesn’t just decorate your home, it can be used to create a romantic atmosphere when needed, and to set the mood for events such as birthdays and weddings. This jar is also a great gift idea, so if you’re wondering what to give someone, why not try this?

When you open the box, you won’t find the jar as pictured. Its components are detached, and you’ll need to assemble them, but that’s an easy thing to do. Once you’re done assembling them, you’ll have two beautiful jars ready to use. The jars are made by hand so they won’t look exactly the same, but they are very similar to each other. The contents of the box are two wooden boards, two mason jars, 2 led strip lights, and two ivory hydrangeas. The AA batteries you’ll need to power the amber glow lights go into the battery box hidden at the back so it stays out of sight. You’ll need to purchase the batteries separately, though.

This decorative jar is designed for indoor use only. Since the lights rest inside the jar and the jar stays open, any moisture or water that gets into the jar could damage the lights. The lights are durable, and if you only use the jar indoors, they will last very long. They are also replaceable – all you need to do is place an order for new ones.

This set of jars look absolutely gorgeous and will complement decorations in any part of your home. Even if you like the flowers that come along with it, you can try changing them every now and again just to give that part of your home a new look. The size of the jars is just right, but they will obviously look a bit smaller if you mount them on a large wall, so their relative sizes depend on where they are placed. The colors of the flowers can vary from the one pictured according to some buyers, so don’t be too surprised if yours comes with a color you weren’t expecting.

Top Shelf Family Memory Jar

Top Shelf Family Memory Jar

What’s better than family? Love? Nope. I don’t think anything’s better, but you are free to disagree with me. Anyways, if you value your family or have a strong relationship with your family, get this memory jar and watch your bond grow. The jar isn’t just designed for family, though. Top Shelf offers different jars for different purposes. Here are all the different types you can purchase:

Best friends jar: For best friends who wish to keep all of their happy memories in one place.

Childhood jar: This is for parents to store childhood memories of their kid. It makes for a happy time reading out the funny things your kid did when they were little.

Feel good jar: This is for you alone. Fill it with your best memories as they happen so you can enjoy reading them in the future.

In loving memory jar: When you lose a loved one or family member, you begin to miss them and you begin to recollect all the memories you shared with them. Write down those memories as they come and store them in this jar, then read them sometime in the future in remembrance of the one you lost.

Love notes jar: Fill it with love notes for your lover, so they can delight in reading each note day by day.

The decorative jar I’m reviewing here is the family jar, which is almost identical to the other variants, except for differences in colors and prices. All of the variants have everything you need included in the package. The package contains a roll of 180 tickets to write your memories on, a rewritable twine hung plaque (this refers to the tag on the bottle; you can write whatever you want at the back and display that instead), a pen, and a nice decorative lid.

There are many ways to use each type of jar. If you do get the family one, just place it anywhere it can be easily accessed by the members of your family. Each of them should write down their memories continually until the jar is full. You can then take the notes out of the jar one by one and read them out to your family everyday.

If you have a lover, you could store memories with your lover all year and relive the year at the beginning of each new year, or during your anniversary. Of course you’ll run out of tickets to write on after the jar is filled and emptied, but the good news is you can replace those tickets with any kind of paper. It’s a clear glass jar, so any will do.

This decorative jar is also a great gift idea for anyone. If you buy this jar as a gift, you’ll be amazed how good it looks so much that you may even want to buy another for yourself. It’s a decorative jar, so it not only keeps memories. It keeps your memories and adds a touch of beauty to your home simultaneously.

Mantello Glass Apothecary Decor Jars

Mantello Glass Apothecary Decor  Jars

Mantello’s apothecary decorative jars is a set of three beautiful jars, all designed differently and of different sizes. The jars are made of crystal clear glasses, with clear removable lids to boot. The height of each jar is 7.75″, 8.75″, 10.5″ with their lids on, while the diameter of each jar ranges between 4″ and 4.5″. This set of jars is primarily designed for decorative purposes, even though you can use them for anything else you want. Practical applications include using them as wedding centerpieces, or putting some candy inside the jars and using them for a candy buffet. Other things you can store inside the jars include flowers, seashells, grains, fruits, cookies, and more.

The moment you set your eyes on these jars, you will want to put them in places where you or your visitors can see them easily; and that’s great because they are suitable for decorating any part of your home. You can place them in your bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, or living room. If you’re going to use them in your kitchen, then they can serve a dual purpose – for storage of items such as dried beans, and for decorating your kitchen (they look beautiful on countertops). In your bathroom, you can use these jars to store cotton balls or cotton swabs. They are the perfect replacement for those canister jars you’ll find in most bathrooms.

If you’re going to use them for decorating other parts of your home, then you can enhance their appearance by placing seashells, glass beads, flowers and any other colorful items inside the jars. These Mantello jars are made of real glass, not acrylic glass. They have firm bases, and that’s one of the reasons why they last long (so long as you’re careful with them). They have a vintage look, so if you’re looking for a decorative item to add a vintage theme to your home, try these out.

Most people find these jars are just the right size for what they want to use it for. I don’t know why that’s the case – I think Mantello just got the sizes right. Mantello also provides excellent customer service and will gladly replace your jars if they arrive broken. In the past year, they have also made improvements to the jars to improve their durability, more indication of an outstanding brand. You won’t find better apothecary decorative jars than these.

How to Choose Your Decorative Jar

The decorative jars reviewed in this article will make you smile as a result of how good they look, and how useful they are. You’ll be glad you didn’t waste your money on lower quality jars. I can’t pick which one I would purchase because they are all unique. Heck, even if you purchased all three, you wouldn’t find any of them redundant because they are mostly designed for different purposes. The only purpose they have in common is decoration. If you want a jar that will only be used for decoration and nothing else, then buy the Homko Mason Wall jar. If you like the other things you can use the rest of the jars for, then pick the jar that is more suited to your needs.