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Best Decorative Boxes For Your Sweet Home

We all love our homes, don’t we? And if you love your home, you probably want to decorate it as best as you can. You also want to use the best products that are as durable as possible for your decorations. If I just described you, then this article is for you. You’ll find reviews of the best decorative boxes here – period. Let’s get started right away.

Willow Tree Friendship Sculpted Hand-painted Keepsake Box

Willow Tree Friendship Sculpted Hand-painted Keepsake Box

This is the decorative box to buy if you like or adore Willow Tree figures. The first thing you’ll notice are the figures carved on the lid, followed by the cuteness of the box. The box has the shape of a square, which means all the sides are of the same width – 3 inches approximately. Its height, on the other hand, is 2 inches. This box is a hand-painted resin box designed for beautifying your home. Once you’ve taken it out of the box, it’s ready to display on any table, shelf, or mantel. The lid of the box can be removed entirely, which means it’s not attached to the top of the box. You’ll no doubt be happy with that feature if this is the kind of box you prefer.

If you do get this Willow Tree box, you’ll find a warm note at the bottom of the box that reads “Forever true, forever friends”. This note is written to appeal to anyone you gift this to. The note is meant to be a surprise that is revealed when they’ve taken the items/gifts out of the box. Obviously, if you do not wish to gift this out but intend to keep it for your personal use, you may not consider this note relevant to you, but do not be quick to conclude. It’s still nice to see and read, particularly when you’ve forgotten that it exists and you somehow notice it sometime in the future.

This box is not large, as its dimensions above indicate. However, it’s a keepsake box so it’s not expected to be large. It’s perfect for storing small pieces of valuable objects such as jewelries, trinkets, and other treasures. Since the height of the box is 3 inches, its depth is obviously less than that – about one inch deep or so, not too sure. The Willow Tree carvings on the lid aren’t just there to adorn the box. They express and represent closeness, love, healing, hope, and courage. Depending on who you gift it to or your sentiments regarding the figures, they could mean something else to you, and you’re free to interpret the figures any way you want. In other words, they can appeal to you in a unique way.

There are different varieties of this box to choose from, for different purposes. For example, if you’re gifting this to a girl who lost her dog, you could buy the “True” color variant, which has a figure of a little girl hugging her dog sculpted on the lid. The notes at the bottom are also different for each variant. The note at the bottom of the variant described above is “Truly a Friend”.

If you’re planning to gift this out, you may want to paint some parts of the figures so they represent you and your loved one, friend, grandma, or your dog more accurately. As you can see in the picture, the figures are generic, so they leave out a large portion of the populace who possess different skin and hair tones.

The box is a high quality box, and it has the weight of ceramic (it’s heavy). I’m sure you’re going to love it, if not for the beautiful figures on it, but for its rustic design. Variants of this box do occasionally go out of stock temporarily because it’s a fast moving decorative box. I’m not surprised, because Willow Tree has a remarkable product line. In fact, you may very well fall in love with the Willow Tree brand once you try out this decorative box. The box reviewed here is the “Friendship” variant. If you find that it’s out of stock, you can check out the other ones available. They are all the same boxes, save for the figures, the notes at the bottom, and the shapes (some of them have an oval shape).

Primitives by Kathy Classic Hinged Wood Box

Primitives by Kathy Classic Hinged Wood Box

How would you describe a black and white decorative box with sanding on its surfaces? Classic? I’d go with the first word in its name – primitive, even though both words kind of indicate the same thing. The black and white design along with the sanding is what is known as a distressed finish, and that is one of the reasons this box looks so good. On the top of its lid, you’ll find a note that begins with “Good friends are like stars…” that will probably make you smile everyday. The dimensions of the box are 4 x 4 x 2. 75-inches, which isn’t really big enough to fit an envelope, so keep that in mind if you’re going to buy this box as a gift. However, small business cards will fit in it without any problems. It has a depth of 2.25 inches, which is large enough for most small items such as paper clips.

This Primitives by Kathy box is a hinged decorative box made of wood. The hinged lid opens from the top and can either be fully opened or fully closed. This is because there isn’t enough friction during the transition from open to close to keep it halfway or partially open. The box is cute, and you’ll like the sight of it on your desk. Since this is an inexpensive product, it’s ideal for gifting. It’s a great gift not just because it’s a cute box, but also because of the message written on it. If you have a partner, you can even get two boxes for you and your partner to store literally anything that can fit in the box, such as earrings, rings, cards, and more.

As regards gifting, there’s a small caveat you need to be aware of. This is a thick box, and as a result, the amount of space available in the box is even smaller due to its thickness. So, if you’re going to enclose another gift in this box, be sure to confirm that the other gift will fit in it before buying it or before buying this box. Aside from that, there’s really nothing else you have to worry about.

In conclusion, this box is totally worth the money. If you’re having a hard time coming up with things to store in it, don’t expend more effort racking your brain. You don’t actually have to store anything in it. Since it’s a decorative box, you can use it exclusively for decorating your home. The funny part of it all is that once it lands in your home as a decorative piece, you may find more uses for it in the future. For example, you could begin to store fun items in it without having that intention from the get-go. Stuff like that happens frequently. Sometimes you buy things you don’t even need, only to discover that you actually need them, but I digress. Anyways, check this box out and see if you’ll like it as much as I did.

Totally Bamboo Salt Box With Magnetic Swivel Lid

Totally Bamboo Salt Box With Magnetic Swivel Lid

It’s time to replace your old, boring-looking, salt cellar with an amazing one that gives you a warm feeling every time you hold it. This decorative table salt box is the ideal replacement for said salt box, and it’s not just designed for holding salt, neither is it designed for kitchen use only. You can store your favorite seasoning in it for easy access whenever you need it. You can even get multiple boxes for spices, gourmet salts, and herbs. Outside of the kitchen, you can keep your office supplies, jewelry, dog treats, and other small items in it. This is truly an amazing box. It has the word “Salt” etched on its lid in capital letters, but it can really be used for anything you want.

The box is made of bamboo, Moso bamboo precisely. Moso Bamboo is an environmentally friendly type of bamboo because it is renewable and grows quickly without the need for activities that harm the environment such as artificial irrigation and use of pesticides. How’s that relevant to me, you might ask? I’ll tell you what is relevant to you. One of the hallmarks of Moso bamboo is its durability, which means your box will last for a really long time before you’ll need to replace it. Another plus for Moso bamboo is its ease of cleaning. If your box gets dirty, just clean it with a damp cloth or wash it by hand (washing in a dishwasher is not recommended).

Another plus, which by the way isn’t related to its material, is its ease of use. This box is smartly designed with a swivel lid which makes getting salt or other items out of the box easy. You can open and close the box using just one of your hands, and the lid covers the opening of the box quite firmly thanks to the integrated magnetic lock. The lid isn’t airtight though.

After thoroughly analyzing this product, I must confess it’s a great product, but it does have some minor cons. The biggest of these cons is its strong odor which is no doubt easy to get rid of, but still annoying if you had hoped to start using it right away. There are several ways you can get rid of the odor. You could wash it and let it dry under the sun for a couple of days or you could simply begin to use it anyway. The odor fades after you begin to use it, so don’t think you have to go to great lengths to get rid of it.

Another con that isn’t really a con is the fact that you can’t customize the word etched on the lid. Of course you can purchase a DIY kit and have replace the word with whichever label you want, but it would have been nice to have that option as a buyer. Totally Bamboo may offer that in the future. They do make excellent bamboo products and I encourage you to check the other products they make if you haven’t already.

Overall, this is a nice box that won’t break if you accidentally drop it, with a nice lid that won’t let the content of the box out if it drops. This decorative box simply does what it’s designed to do, and its lid is no different.

Which Decorative Box to Get? You Decide

Any of the three boxes reviewed above are perfect for decoration, as well as other uses. If I were shopping for decorative boxes, I would get the third one – the Totally Bamboo box, along with either of the first two. The Willow Tree box is looks really nice, but the classic look of the Primitives by Kathy box is hard to resist as well. Which box? You decide.