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Best Decorative Bowls on the Market Today

Sure, you’d like to have some decorative bowls, and I understand why. They are so useful. You can store balls in them, you can put some fruits in them, you can serve food to your guests in them, you can put some flowers in them, and you can do many other satisfying things with your decorative bowls. Before you go shopping, why not check out my reviews of the best bowls below? I’ve done all the research for you, and I know you’ll be pleased to see the bowls I’ve reviewed below just for you, because you’re special :).

Creative Co-Op DA7392 Round Hammered Metal Bowl

Creative Co-Op DA7392 Round Hammered Metal Bowl

When I got around to reviewing these bowls, I figured, why not start with gold? Meet the Creative Co-op decorative bowl with a bright gold finish, the perfect color to catch anyone’s fancy. It looks smaller in the picture than its actual size in real life, so be prepared to take a bigger bowl out of the package. Its diameter is 14 inches (meaning that it will take 14 inches of measuring tape to run the tape from one end of the bowl’s opening to the opposite end). The height of the bowl is 4.5 inches, and the width of the bowl is the same as the diameter. I hope that was enough to give you an idea of its real size.

Creative Co-Op is known for creating lots of amazing home decor items, such as vintage glass bottles and seagrass baskets. This metal bowl is no exception in terms of quality and elegance. The bowl is a little too thin at the rim, so it’s important to exercise caution while handling it. It won’t cut you, but with enough pressure, you could bruise yourself. It’s quite safe though, so this isn’t a deal-breaker.

The type of metal used in creating this bowl is aluminum, and the bowl is food-safe, so you can use it to serve or store fruits. One of the major concerns associated with products like this is the risk of tarnishing or rusting due to its metal composition. I’m excited to let you know that this bowl won’t tarnish, even if you decide to fill it with water and float candles in it so long as you clean it and replace the water inside the bowl regularly.

When you eventually hold this bowl in your hands, one of the first things you’ll notice is that it is as beautiful as it looks in pictures. I’m sure you’ve had one or two distasteful experiences where you bought a product online only to be shocked that it looked completely different from what you saw in the pictures. You won’t have that kind of experience with this bowl. This bowl is also durable as it maintains its color and doesn’t fade easily or rust like low quality ones do.

Float some candles, put some fruits or pop corn in it, or put some moss balls in it strictly for home decor – it’s your choice to make. You’ll find multiple uses for it no doubt, and this is a purchase you’ll be glad you made.

Nifty 7510COP Double Wall Mesh Copper Decorative Bowl

Nifty 7510COP Double Wall Mesh Copper Decorative Bowl

I have to admit, this bowl stood out more than any other bowl I came across during my research, partly because it is has a copper-like color, and partly due to its unique mesh design. The mesh pattern is double walled, which means it’s twice as thick as a single walled mesh design would be. It has a 3.5 quart capacity, and measures 10 inches in diameter, so it’s large enough to store all your fruits, but that’s not its primary function.

This is a beautiful copper-like decorative bowl that will jazz up any table it is placed on, whether you choose to place it in your kitchen or in your living room. It’s a center piece you can’t resist – a center piece that will bring your home to life and accent any existing decorations and colors you already have. You can even buy multiple bowls and place them side by side with different types and colors of home decor items in them. For example, if you purchased two of these balls, you could put some decorative balls in one of the bowls, and some flowers in the other. These bowls, when placed side by side, will have a considerable positive impact on the look of any home.

The Nifty decorative bowl is not just useful for displaying unique types of home decor items. You can have a variety of home decor items like flowers, balls, and candles in one bowl. These, along with the striking copper color, will form one of the most beautiful decorative bowls you’ve seen in a long time. And if you thought I was done, wait, for there’s more. This bowl also doubles as a fruit ripener. for two reasons. Since it has a mesh design, there are few touch points relative to the fruits stored in it, which means no risk of subjecting any part of the fruits to undue heat and causing uneven ripening. The second reason is the mesh design allows ample air flow throughout the bowl, and that is one of the conditions for ripening fruit effectively.

Even ripe fruits can be stored in this bowl as well, because they won’t go bad, all thanks to the even air flow. One disadvantage peculiar to products having mesh designs is the ease of getting dirt removed from it. I wouldn’t worry about that, though. According to the manufacturers, Nifty Home Products, you can wash the bowl in warm soapy water and dry it completely before continuing to use it. A warm wash in soapy water should be enough to remove dirt or bits of fruit from the mesh layers. Note that you can’t wash this with the help of a dishwasher, as it isn’t dishwasher-safe.

I’m going to end this review by saying the beauty of this bowl cannot be overstated. It’s beautiful, and it’s unique at the same time, thanks to the copper look and double-walled mesh design, which somehow looks like one bowl floating in the other. It looks modern and has a beautiful reflection with certain types of lighting. It’s easy to clean, but only if you use it the right way. For example, if you let fruits rot in it, cleaning the mesh wiring is not going to be as easy as you expected.

Hosley’s Honeycomb Wood Decor Bowl

Hosley's Honeycomb Wood Decor Bowl

If you have a home with a modern look or decorated with exotic items, and you’re looking for a decorative bowl to complement it, pay special attention to this one. Hosley’s Honeycomb wood decor bowl isn’t just an ordinary bowl, it’s a wonderful multipurpose wooden bowl. It can serve as the perfect centerpiece for tabletops or coffee tables. To enhance its decorative touch, you can simply put some dried potpourri in it to add natural elements to your home, or fill it with decorative orbs if that’s what you prefer.

The dimensions of this bowl are 14.3″ x 6.5″ x 2.25″. Since this is a wooden bowl, it’s brown in color, as expected. The bowl also has a nice pattern on the outer part of it which helps to make it look even better in any home. At first glance, pictures of this bowl might lead you to think it’s roundish. However, it’s not. It has an oblong shape, and I like its depth – not too shallow, not too deep – just deep enough. In addition to that, the bowl is made of medium density fibreboard (also known as MDF wood), not solid wood.

Hosley’s bowl is simple and inexpensive, therefore it’s the right bowl for anyone looking for a cheap bowl for displaying items. It’s durable and has a nice finish, and I fully recommended it.

Hosley Black Decorative Bowl and Orb Set

There’s another bowl from the same brand you may want to have a look at. It’s the Hosley Black Decorative Bowl and Orb Set. As its name implies, it’s a black bowl and it’s made of ceramic this time, not wood. It also comes with a set of beautiful black orbs or balls, which don’t come along with the wooden bowl. It looks quite different from the wooden bowl, and I can’t really say which looks better. What do you think?

Anyways, this bowl is great for events such as weddings, for meditation, aromatherapy, and lots more. It’s also a wonderful gift to give out to friends and family. This bowl and orb set is really durable, and since both of them are scratch-resistant, you won’t be seeing any scratches on them for a long time to come. The balls are pretty stable when moving the bowl around thanks to the indentation they have on them, but you’ll still need to handle them properly as everything is made of ceramic. Speaking of ceramic, there’s a slight chance your order might arrive broken as is usually the case with products made of brittle materials, but I wouldn’t worry about that for two reasons. The first is you’ll get a replacement in the event that it arrives broken. The second reason is the product is well protected in a thick styrofoam package, so it’s unlikely to break during shipment.

If you think these Hosley bowls look elegant in pictures, wait until you see the actual bowls. You’ll no doubt be more impressed than you are right now. Both the wooden and ceramic bowls have a sleek and modern look. The orbs in the ceramic bowl are shiny, reflective, and flawlessly complement each other. If I were asked to make a choice between both bowls, I would go for the ceramic one. Like I mentioned earlier, I can’t really say which looks better; It’s a matter of preference. However, the ceramic bowl is built to my taste. Click here to check out the black ceramic bowl with a set of orbs or click the button below to check out the brown wooden bowl.

So, Which Decorative Bowl Would You Pick?

The first bowl from Creative Co-op is great if you love or want something that looks like gold. If you want a great copper bowl that doubles as an excellent fruit ripener, pick the Nifty mesh bowl. If you’re looking for a simple but gorgeous decorative bowl to hold decorative items and enhance the look of your coffee table or any table for that matter, check out the Hosley bowls. In retrospect, I should have put my review of the Hosley bowls at the top, rather than at the bottom of this article, and you’d agree with me, wouldn’t ya?