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The Best Decorative Glass Bottles You’ll Love

When it comes to home decoration, everyone’s taste varies. But I’m sure we’ll all agree on one thing – that decorative bottles are a must-have for any home. Many people also buy these bottles just to gift them out to their loved ones. No matter what you intend to use them for, the decorative bottles featured below are the absolute best ones you should be looking at if you’re really interested in purchasing one.

Infmetry Capsule Letters Glass Message Bottle

Infmetry Capsule Letters Glass Message Bottle

This is a glass bottle that contains lots of happy pills and will surely make a great addition to your home or a great gift to the one you love, particularly if they are sad/depressed or need some motivation to carry on with whatever they are doing.

Why are the pills called happy pills? Because they have a cute and novel design and have little smiley faces on them. But that’s not the main reason why they are called happy pills. The main reason is these pills contain 2.75-inch long slips of paper where you can write a message for your loved ones. There’s also a gold metal ring around each slip of paper.

To gift this to someone, have a card explaining how it works to go along with the gift so they know what to do with the pills. Before you gift this out, you’ll have to open each pill, write a message on the slip, slot it into the pill, and close it. This can be tedious, but surely your loved ones are worth it. You don’t even need to put any messages in the pills if you wish to use this bottle purely for decorating your home.

The bottle is cute and it’s a high quality bottle. It contains 90 pills, which means you can write up to 90 messages. If you like, you can even write these messages to yourself, place the bottle on your desk/shelf, and open one pill everyday to surprise yourself with one of your delightful messages. Great idea, high quality bottle, what’s not to love about it?

Axe Sickle 20ml Cork Stopper Glass Bottle

Axe Sickle 20ml Cork Stopper Glass Bottle

These are mini decorative glass bottles with a 20ml capacity each. There are 20 pieces of such bottles in the package, so you’re getting more than enough bottles at a really good price. These bottles are made by Axe Sickle, and they offer a money back guarantee on any bottle that arrives broken. If you’re thinking of what to do with these bottles, there are lots of ideas you can borrow for your own use. This is the one thing I love about this product.

You can use the bottles for wedding favors. You can put sand into the bottles while on a trip and return home to decorate your home with them. This will give your home that rustic vibe you love. You can use them as wish bottles, you can store small item in them, you can put perfume samples in them, and you can use them as a message bottle and gift them to someone you care about. But that’s not all.

These bottles are perfect to use for simply decorating your home, garden, bookstore, coffee shop, or for DIY projects, and storage of arts/crafts items. The ideas are endless and only limited by your imagination. Hungry for more? How about using one of these bottles for storing ginger juice, or putting your vitamins/pills into them so you can take them along with you to work for example, or having them hold some sugar that may come in handy when you want to have a cup of coffee. Again, these bottles have multiple uses. If you can think of it, the bottle can do it. I don’t even need to tell you that I completely recommend these decorative bottles. You already know :).

Vintage Glass Bottles with Corks

Vintage Glass Bottles with Corks

These vintage glass bottles will hold their own when compared to other decorative bottles on the market, and there are good reasons behind that claim. Let’s start with features. This is a set of 10 presses bottles made of glass and all unique; that means each bottle is shaped differently from the others. Even though they are shaped differently, they all have the same height at 5 inches tall. The diameter of each bottle’s opening is 0.5 inches, and a cork stopper covers said opening for every bottle.

The quality of these bottles is one of the reasons why they look amazing, and the antique-styled clear glass they are made of contributes significantly to the quality of these bottles. If you’re a wedding planner looking for decorative bottles, or a restaurateur, you’ll find these bottles quite useful, and I’ll get to more ways you can use these bottles in a second. I particularly love the different shapes and styles. They are beautiful, and will therefore beautify wherever they are placed in.

You can use these bottles as sand holders and collect sand on your trips, or use them for wedding favors. You can also use them as message bottles or small bud vases. I’ve seen people use them as mini treasure holders and for Do It Yourself projects. As a homeowner, I would most likely use some of them simply for table decoration, and the others for something else. The capacity of each bottle is 2 oz, so you can’t really store a large quantity of any item in it.

If you’re going to store liquids in any of the bottles, be sure to put them where they can’t be accidentally overturned because the corks aren’t consistent in tightness. Some are tight enough to prevent spilling while others aren’t. Be sure to verify that it’s tight enough before using any of these bottles to store liquids. They also won’t hold your flowers unless you have a tiny collection of flowers since the bottles aren’t large (this should be a no-brainer). As for food, I’m not sure if they are food-grade bottles. I personally haven’t used them for storing any food items.

In conclusion, the variety of styles this set of decorative bottles offers makes it a great choice for decorating your room, putting items in them to sell and attracting customers by virtue of their attractiveness, and anything else you wish to use them for. The bubble wrap in the package makes sure none of the bottles break during shipment, so one less thing to worry about if you have other worries. I’d say, you probably won’t regret your purchase if you get this set.

Running Ant Message In a Bottle With Smiling Capsules

Running Ant Message In a Bottle With Smiling Capsules

If you love capsules with smiley faces on them, and you haven’t bought the Infmetry bottle above yet, you’re going to love this one. It’s just like the infmetry bottle, but this jar looks better in my opinion. The capsules are of different colors, and each capsule has a piece of blank paper in it where you can write your messages.

There are 50 capsules inside the glass jar, with each one measuring 0.78 x 0.23 inches. This decorative bottle is ready to use once you take it out of the package. The only thing you need to think about is what to write in each pill, and that isn’t even something that should cause you any worries because there are tons of short messages you can copy online.

Opening and closing each capsule is not difficult at all. You just need to hold the colored part with fingers on one hand and the white part with fingers on the other hand, and then gently pull the former from the latter. You’ll find a label attached to the top of the jar that says “Love 100%”. Some people seem to get confused by this and think it means that the jar contains 100 pills. However, that’s inaccurate. The jar contains 50 pieces of paper which are housed by 50 different colored pills. I hope that helped in clearing any confusion you might have.

This message in a bottle jar is commonly given out as a gift, but there’s nothing stopping you from simply using it to decorate your table and giving yourself happy pills every morning. Even though the pieces of papers are small (they have to be in order to fit in the pill), you’ll find it quite easy to write on them. I have no doubt you’ll be able to fit one or two sentences on the notes without any fuss. You can buy this jar to gift to your loved ones, friends, or family.

One of the buyers of this decorative bottle mentioned that she gifted it to her daughter who was going to study pharmacy in college and playfully prescribed one pill per day. Another mentioned that she got one for her boyfriend and wrote highlights of events in their dating life on each pill. Of course, he loved it and no doubt reminisces about those events whenever he opens one of the pills and reads the lodged note.

With this jar, you can say goodbye to having to buy pills and having to cut out notes to write on. One of the selling points of this product is the beautiful jar, which goes well with the capsules in it. Another selling point is the assortment of different smiley faces and different colors of pills, unlike some other similar products on the market that contain too many pills having the same faces and colors.

By the way, you can also buy more happy pills and refill the bottle if you don’t want to buy the whole package again. Happy pills, with a great variety of colors and smiley faces, in a beautiful glass bottle sounds like the right decorative bottle to get today. I have nothing negative to say or write about this Running Ant bottle.

Storm Glass Weather Forecaster Water Drop Glass Bottle

Storm Glass Weather Forecaster Water Drop Glass Bottle

I’ll start by telling you what a storm glass is. It was used in the nineteenth century to forecast weather, particularly to detect storms. That storm glass I just described is exactly what this product is – a decorative storm glass.

People who used this storm glass in the past were able to predict the weather thanks to the mixture of chemicals in the glass bottle. They saw different types of crystals appear as the weather changed. The crystals that appear in the bottle correspond to different types of weather. I know this is not a history class, but I’d like to add that the storm glass was invented by Robert FitzRoy, a British Navy Lieutenant.

This particular glass bottle has the shape of a drop of water, and that is a shape you’re going to love because it will most likely be unique in your home (unless you already have something else in your home having the same shape, which I doubt). Aside from its aesthetic appeal, this storm glass is a wonderful gift to give to anyone, because it is symbolizes affection, love, and friendship.

The wooden base of the glass bottle has an impression that keeps the bottle safely in place in order to vastly diminish the likelihood of it falling over and breaking. The bottle is also fairly large, measuring 25 cm tall (with the height of the base included). It’s unlikely that anyone will enter your home without noticing it. If you have a thing for weather gadgets, this is for you. If you don’t, you are still going to love this glass bottle simply because it looks beautiful.

If you’re wondering whether this thing actually works, yes it does. You’ll find information about the history of the storm glass and how it works inside the packaging, which is amazing by the way and definitely keeps the bottle secure during shipment. This product is an excellent of portrayal of science meeting decor. It’s beautiful to look at, and it’s suitable for placement on any shelf and in any room/part of your home.

Your curious kids will enjoy watching and learning from it, and you won’t be able to count how many fun conversations you’ll engage in due to the mere presence of this bottle in your home or office. Also, don’t be surprised when you find yourself occupied with staring at this bottle, trying to watch it change with the weather.

In summary, this is a fun product to get. You’re going to enjoy having it in your home or office. Even though the wooden base is somewhat plain, you likely won’t notice because the beauty of the bottle overshadows it, and the base does the job of securing the glass properly, which is the most important thing to be concerned about.

Ready to Get a Decorative Glass Bottle?

I’ve reviewed five different excellent options to choose from above, and I guarantee you won’t find many more that are better than the ones above. The thing I love the most about decorative bottles is they are versatile. They decorate your home, and at the same time, perform some other function.

Like the message capsule bottles for reading/sending happy pill messages, or the storm glass bottle that decorates your home and predicts the weather at the same time, or the cork stopper bottle for decorating your home and storing small items. You’ll be glad you bought any of these five bottles.