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Best Decorative Bookends to Organize Your Books

Are you looking for the perfect bookend to organize your books? How about a decorative bookend that will not only help you organize your books but improve the appearance of your home as well? You don’t have to worry about a thing – I’ve got you covered. You’re about to find out what decorative bookends are the best ones to buy today. I’m also going to give you a quick rundown of their features so you can understand why I recommend them. Let’s get started.

Innoplus Decorative Bookend

Innoplus Decorative Bookend

This bookend or book stopper is designed for home or office shelves when there are books to store, regardless of their weight. It’s made of sturdy metal, which means it’s a heavy duty bookend that will hold big books, heavy books, video games, DVDs, and CDs. It doesn’t bend easily, and as a result, it will always keep your books/DVDs upright and tidy. If you’re thinking of a great gift to give to someone who reads a lot, this bookend is perfect as well.

This bookend has rounded corners to prevent inflicting scratches on your books or fingers. The rubber at the bottom of the bookend will also keep it from spoiling the surface of your bookshelf and from slipping, so if you do get this bookend, you can place it on your favorite bookshelf with absolutely no worries. Another feature that will allay any worries you have is its powder-coated surface. This kind of coating leaves the coated material smooth and resistant to rust, which means your bookend is smooth and you won’t be seeing any rust on it anytime soon.

And because it is made of metal only, it will last very long and won’t bend regardless of how many books you hold it with. The hallmark of this bookend is its sturdiness, despite the fact that it is slimmer than a CD case. It’s elegant, and it’s simple. It’s the perfect product for anyone looking for a nice and cheap bookend to buy, and you can choose from two colors – black and white.

Sriwatana Decorative Metal Bookends

Sriwatana Decorative Metal Bookends

This decorative metal bookend highlights your books with its unique geometric design. This is the perfect solution to saving space on your shelf, which you can use to clip some special cards, store your memos, or even add some flowers to beautify your home even more. Whether you’re aiming to organize your DVDs, CDs, magazines, or books, this bookend is right for the occasion. This bookend can be used in your home, office, school (if you’re a teacher), or work space.

Durability is not something to worry about with this bookend as it is made of pure metal. Its surface is smooth and rust-resistant thanks to the powder coating. The color of this bookend is black, but there’s a white variant if you prefer white. Since this bookend has a mat at the bottom to prevent scratches and slipping, you can easily take a book from your row of books organized with this bookend without dislodging other books. The presence of the mat also means that the bookend won’t leave any scratches on your precious shelf.

The one thing you’re likely to love about this bookend is its design. It’s exceptional and looks really good on shelves or desks, wherever you put it. Your room’s decor or color scheme doesn’t matter – this modern and simple bookend will fit anywhere. It can hold heavy books and tall books alike. According to a user of this bookend, they’ve used this bookend to hold as many as 30 books, some of which are tall books, without any book sliding out, and without the bookends sliding from their positions. So, I fully recommend this bookend to anyone looking to organize their books and decorate their home or office at the same time.

Officemate Heavy Weighted 10″ Steel Bookends

Officemate Heavy Weighted 10" Steel Bookends

More and more amazing bookends to see. This time it’s the Officemate bookend made of thick metal with a height of 10 inches. This bookend is strong enough to hold large directories, books, and binders, even the largest of them. Why? Because it is 25% thicker than most of the other bookends you will come across. The bottom of this bookend is padded, which means it won’t slide off your shelf or ruin your shelf, table, or any other furniture you place it on.

This bookend has two models – the original model and the heavyweight model. The original model weighs 3.44 pounds while the heavyweight model weighs 3.55 pounds. The original model also has a slightly higher price, but they are both really good and you won’t miss out on much if you choose one over the other.

These bookends are really sturdy and thick. You’ll appreciate this difference even more when you compare them side by side with standard bookends. The difference is really noticeable. They are also rigid, which means you won’t be able to bend them unless you try really hard, and even then they would only bend slightly. The foam padding at the bottom is also thick. In fact, every part of this bookend screams thick. If you’re tired of standard office bookends that bend easily, you’re going to love this one. It will even keep your atlas in place, along with your heaviest books. Feel free to test it.

So, who is this bookend for? It’s for anyone looking for a standard-sized bookend that is good enough to hold heavy books just like industrial ones and still stylish enough to blend into their home and decorate it. Would you believe me if I told you that even though these bookends are thick, they also fade into the picture as well. You won’t easily notice what’s keeping the books together.

The bookends are also packaged nicely. The bookends don’t scratch against each other while in the package thanks to the tissue between them. Therefore, every pair of these Officemate bookends you buy will look just as they looked before they were placed in the package by Officemate. These bookends have a black finish, and that’s the only color they come in, but black matches every color, doesn’t?

Fasmov Art Bookends

Fasmov Art Bookends

I know by now you’ve probably made up your mind since you’ve seen some really amazing bookends featured above, but if you haven’t made a purchase yet, have a look at these Fasmov art bookends just to see if you’ll like them better. As as always the case, these bookends are perfect for a home, library, or office. They do the job of keeping your books and magazines organized really well, so get ready to say goodbye to books tipping or falling off your shelf. These bookends also have a unique design, which means they can also be used to add more decoration to your home.

These bookends are available in black color only – a perfect color for any color scheme. They will stay in place and stand on their own when you remove books, and won’t bend easily. To put this in perspective, these bookends can hold 5 14-inch tall photo albums that weigh 7 lbs each without bending – that’s how good they are.

These bookends are also sharp and elegant, unlike cheaper/lower quality options. Unfortunately, one crucial feature is missing – bottom padding. Since there’s no padding at the bottom, you might be worried about these bookends sliding or scratching your furniture. However, that’s not going to be the case if you buy these. The books that rest on the bottom of the bookends will keep them in place. They also come with felt pads that have the same function as the bottom padding you see on other bookends, so that should be more than enough to allay your worries about potential scratches or sliding.

Another important thing you need to know is the length of the bottoms. They are 7-inch long, each of them, so that makes 14 inches. This means you’ll need to have books that, together, occupy 14 inches worth of horizontal space. Otherwise, one bottom will cover part of the other. In other words, they will overlap. Overall, these bookends are sturdy and impressive, and they’ll make a great addition to wherever you intend to use them.

A Beautiful and Functional Desk Organizer

Fasmov Wood Bookends

Here’s one more bookend to check out – the Fasmov Wood Bookends. These bookends come with small drawer units for even more efficient organization. These decorative bookends are light and won’t work that well for really heavy books, but they have a nice design and will aid you in organizing your books just the way you want them. You can even use the drawers to store smaller items. If you need a bookend for your counter, shelf, or desk, click here to check this one out.