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The Best Decorative Bells Reviewed

Bells are great ornaments for any occasion. If you’re hosting a party, wedding, celebrating Christmas, or having dinner, you’ll find bells particularly useful for decoration or for practical purposes, such as notifying your family or guests that dinner is served. If you’re looking for a decorative bell to buy, it’s easy to get lost in the sea of options available on any online store. Thankfully, I’ve done all the research for you.

If you wish to view and buy only the best decorative balls, check out my reviews and recommendations below.

Upstreet Outdoor Dinner Bell

Upstreet Outdoor Dinner Bell

Don’t be fooled by the name – this bell is a multipurpose bell. It is designed for use as a dinner bell, or as a doorbell. If you don’t need either of those, you can simply use it for decoration purposes. This is a high quality bell made with black cast iron (cast iron coated in black finish. This type of iron is not susceptible to harsh weather conditions, therefore the longevity of this ball is guaranteed.

This bell has a nice frontier style that makes it perfect for use as an outdoor bell. It also has a clear and loud ring, which means it will do nicely as a dinner bell. Upstreet has also included all the items you need to use this bell in its package. One of those items is a wall bracket for mounting the bell outdoors and indoors. They are also offering a 30-day refund guarantee if you don’t like your bell for any reason.

Since this bell can also be used just as a decorative bell, I wasn’t surprised when I found out that it’s available in 7 different colors. Silver, red, and black are some of the colors you can pick while placing your order.

This bell is loud enough for your kids to hear even from 500 feet away, so if you live in a large house, its reach shouldn’t be a concern to you. The bell also sounds nice. Some bells can be annoying because they sound cheap and obnoxious, but not this bell. It’s also not so loud that it would disturb your neighbors. The sound is just perfect.

I don’t have much else to say about this bell other than it’s a perfect fit for your home, patio, and anywhere else. It can decorate your home, and your kids can play with it too. It’s heavy (in a good way), and it mounts well to any wall. You may need to use longer screws depending on your walls as the screws that come with it aren’t very long, but they probably do the job in most cases. Charming, cute, and functional, just as one user described it, are the words I’ll end this review with.

AuldHome Wall Hanging Silver Bells

AuldHome Wall Hanging Silver Bells

Christmas is the biggest season of the year, and many people shop around for Christmas bells during this time. This product is a set of two silver bells designed for Christmas decoration. The bells have a vintage and a rustic look, with pine, ribbon, and berry accents. All these make these bells the perfect bells to put on your Christmas tree, but they are not just for Christmas, though. I would use these bells to decorate my walls, or even hang them on my porch to tinkle occasionally, or decorate my home or office doors with them.

These bells are made of metal and have other materials attached to them such as artificial greenery, burlap, and ribbons that make them look even more beautiful. Examples of some situations where these balls would come in really handy are during a farmhouse holiday, while doing some traditional decorations, or simply when you feel like adding a country rustic or retro vintage touch to a certain part of your home.

You might be surprised at how good these bells look when you hold them in your hands. They are larger in real life than they appear in pictures, and they look more well-made as well. The color of the bells are silver gray. The ribbons are colored red and white, and the pinecones are brown in color. These balls made it onto this article because they have a great design and quality. I don’t see any buyer of this bell regretting their purchase.

Mango Gifts Handmade Metal Vintage Bells

Mango Gifts Handmade Metal Vintage Bells

As the name implies, these are rustic-style vintage bells made from recycled iron sheets. They are cowbells, and they’ve been made by hand too. If you’re wondering why they look so rough, it was intentional so as to give them an antique look. The bells were first made, and then covered with brass, after which they were baked. The baking process resulted in those unique shades of rustic brown color you can see in the picture. Lastly, they are then finished with a golden color.

The product of all of these processes is these nice-looking bells – bells that you can use for several purposes. If you love craft, you may find some solid uses for these bells in your craft. If you want some wind chimes, great! Just hang these bells close to your door or window and let the wind do the rest. Decorating for a wedding or Christmas or just looking to add more decor to your home? Then get these bells to complement all the other stuff you’re using. Thinking of something nice to gift to someone you care about? You’re looking at the answer you’ve been searching for.

Since these bells are handmade, expect to see slight physical variations across the 20 bells included in the package. Some of these 20 bells have a cone shape, while the others are round. The round ones sound better, and the pitch of the bells vary, again because they are handmade.

In summary, I believe these bells will contribute immensely to the look of any home or environment. You can even get creative with these. Someone used theses to decorate wine bottles during a wedding, and they jingled when the bottles were picked up. So pleasant…

What Do I Mostly Use Decorative Bells For?

I use them mostly for bell wind chimes, because I love the soothing sound. It’s so gentle to my ears, and I almost can’t live without them. I love hearing those sounds when I’m working – they give me a rush of motivation. They also get me relaxed and I believe they improve my health as well because the gentle sounds have a positive effect on stress levels. At the same time, these bells are used to decorate my home too. They kind of serve a dual purpose.