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Best Decorative Balls for Home Decor & Photos

Whether you’re looking for something to decorate your home or take great photos with, a decorative ball will probably appeal to you. There are many of them on the market, so it’s a bit difficult to pick the best of them, and that’s what this article will help you with today. You’ll find reviews of the best balls below. Pair them with some amazing wall art and your home will have no excuse to just look beautiful for you.

MerryNine’s Photograph Crystal Ball with Stand and Pouch

Best decorative ball - MerryNine's Photograph Crystal Ball with Stand and Pouch

Described by MerryNine as “Flawless”, this K9 Crystal Suncatcher’s ball is a high-quality ball, made by hand, and devoid of any scratches or bubbles. It appears to be one of the strongest balls currently available on the market, and one of the most durable as well, thanks to its unique surface treatment which has made it capable of withstanding tough weather conditions. It isn’t just weather resistant, it resists scratches and heavy impact as well, so you don’t need to worry about it shattering.

It comes in a microfiber pouch, and a professional wiper cloth is included in the package for easily cleaning off grey areas and fingerprints. You’ll also find a flannel storage bag to protect the ball from rubbing against other items in your bag.

If you love photography, this is one of the best balls you can buy. It helps you take great photos, whether you’re using your smartphone camera or using a professional camera. With this ball, you won’t need any special equipment to take great photos with your camera. The ball is sufficient for great photos, and for retaking shots of scenes you’ve taken before without the ball.

If you intend to use this ball for decoration, you’ll be pleased to know that this ball has the benefit of absorbing sunshine, absorbing moonlight, and clearing your mind thanks to its clear crystal nature. Place it in your living space or studio for added brightness and harmony, or gift it to someone you love. Either way, this clear crystal glass decorative ball will make you happy.

Amlong Crystal Clear Ball With Stand

Amlong Crystal Clear Ball With Stand

Amlong has produced a near perfect crystal ball that conforms to the highest K9 quality. It is handmade, and has gone through several post-production processes for consistency in quality. Amlong had this ball polished and examined for clarity and removal of impurities before putting it out on the market, so buying this ball means you’re buying a decorative ball that is well worth your money.

Since this is a clear crystal ball, professional photographers and amateurs alike can use their professional cameras or basic phone cameras to create stunning photos using this ball. You can hold it in one hand without any fuss and create any kind of photo you could create with a crystal ball.

Additionally, this ball can serve as a decorative item in any home. If you want a touch of elegance in your home, this is the ball to get. If you want harmony and balance in your home, again, this is the ball to get. Clear crystal balls are capable of enhancing existing energy in your home and attracting lots of positive energy to your home as well. So, pardon me as I repeat, if you want positive energy in your home, this is the ball to get. You can place this ball in your home or office or surprise someone with it as a gift.

The ball comes with a stand, and it may appear attached to the stand, however, it’s not. You can remove it from the stand whenever you need to. The fact that this crystal decorative ball has great clarity and comes with a stand that matches it in quality means this ball offers great value for money and I fully recommend it.

Byher Natural Green Moss Decorative Ball

Byher Natural Green Moss Decorative Ball

Looking for a handmade decorative ball that exudes nature? Look no further than this green moss ball, made by hand with completely natural moss. You’ll find it useful for weddings, crafting, holidays, and props. It’s a pack of 6 moss balls that will add some color and depth to wherever they are placed.

These balls are especially useful for decorating in places where natural greens (e.g. grasses, flowers) are absent. I’ve seen people put these in their entryway. You can even decorate your garden with this. The main advantage of this moss ball is its price. For a pack of 6 balls, it’s really affordable and fairly priced. I can’t imagine anyone complaining about the price.

The complaints you’re likely to come across are those related to shedding. Apparently, the moss comes off these balls fairly often, so it’s advisable to put something like a newspaper under them for easy cleanup. Alternatively, you can spray them with a hairspray to reduce shedding. Aside from the shedding, this is a quality decorative ball that comes at a great price point – a perfect balance if you ask me.

These moss balls, despite being made of natural moss, don’t smell at all. They have a styrofoam core, even though that may not be of importance to you, at least you know now. Also, you can’t get dust off them with a cloth since the moss comes off, but I believe blowing some air in the direction of the dust will easily get them off them off the balls. These balls will add some seriously clean look to any part of your home, indoors or outdoors. So, I’d give them some serious consideration if I were shopping around for decorative balls.

Creative Scents Schonwerk Silver Decorative Orbs

Creative Scents Schonwerk Silver Decorative Orbs

The first thing that stood out to me the moment I glanced at this decorative ball is its silver crackled design. There’s everything to love about it. It looks really beautiful. Next up is the mirror design – yes, this ball mirrors its surroundings. These two features are the main reasons why this ball adds such a beautiful decorative touch to any home.

Creative Scents pretty much had a durability-first approach while manufacturing these balls. They look and feel durable, thanks to the heavy resin used in their production. Creative Scents attributes much of their balls’ “unmatched longevity” to the heavy resin material they used.

This product is a set of 3 resin sphere balls (or orbs, if you will). Each ball has a 3.2 inch diameter, which means they are perfect for use as a table centerpiece, whether it be a coffee table or dining table. Other possible uses include giving it out as a gift (which will be highly appreciated by the way – I mean, who wouldn’t appreciate such a lovely piece?). You can even put these balls in your vases or bowls for an extra decorative touch.

You’ll definitely feel the weight while holding Creative Scents’ decorative balls as they do have some weight to them. However, this is an advantage because the weight doesn’t matter since you won’t be holding them in your hands, and because more weight means they are unlikely to break if they roll of a tipped over bowl.

Overall, this is an elegant and high quality ball that should complement your home decor. Although they come at a slightly higher price, you won’t remember that when you hold these balls in your hands and begin to inevitably admire them.

Decorative Spherical Natural Woven Twig Rattan & Cotton Balls

Decorative Spherical Natural Woven Twig Rattan & Cotton Balls

Wow…just wow! Just look at those balls in the picture to your right? Notice how amazing they look? They look even better in real life. This is a set of assorted woven balls, great for filling empty vases, baskets, and bowls. Assorted means the set is made up of balls of different colors, pattern, size, and texture. Each buyer gets 20 of such balls in the package, and they are designed for indoor use only.

Whether you plan to put these balls in your kitchen, living room, or at your fireplace, you’ll be glad you purchased them. The natural woven atmosphere they create in any room is enough reason to get these decorative balls, and once you factor in their beauty, you probably won’t have any excuse to not at least give these some serious consideration.

The balls are fairly large, so you’ll need a fairly large bowl for them. Again, this set costs twice the price of the first few decorative balls I’ve reviewed above, but they are well worth the money. They look and feel just the way the seller said they would, and they are high quality balls.

I’ve seen other buyers comment on the cotton – how it looks so adorable – and how they love the neutral colors the balls possess, which add a great rustic touch to the environment. If these buyers loved it, and I did, I see no reason why you wouldn’t. As for cons, I have nothing negative to say about these balls.

The Importance of Decorative Balls

Photographers love to take amazing photos. The clear crystal balls can help you take wonderful photos, and they are great for decoration as well. The non-crystal balls may seem like they are designed for decoration only, but they can have an array of other benefits as well. If you’re really interested in a decorative ball, you can’t go wrong with these ones.