Presto 07062 Review: Best Ceramic Electric Griddle

Electric griddles come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and materials. In this article, I’ll be reviewing what I believe is the best ceramic electric griddle after completing my research. The Presto 07062 is one of the griddles you should be considering if you’re in the market for a ceramic griddle.

Starting with its size, this is not your average-sized griddle. It’s an extra-large griddle, which means you’ll be able to cook for a large number of people at a much faster rate, and you can cook more food on its cooking surface as well.

The ceramic cooking surface of this griddle has been designed with special textures to make it as nonstick as possible. This means it will perform better than ordinary griddles in terms of preventing food from sticking to the cooking surface.

The special textures don’t just make it a better cooking surface, they also make cleaning the surface a bit easier than it would be with smooth surfaces.

That said, the textures aren’t the only reason why cleaning this electric griddle is easy. Its removable handles and heat control contribute to that as well. Once the heat control is removed, it can be immersed in water for cleaning.

While cooking, you won’t have to manually adjust the temperature as you cook different types of food or to prevent overheating due to one very important feature included in this griddle.

That feature is the Control Master heat control. It will keep your griddle running at the same temperature you set in the beginning. It automatically makes adjustments so your cooking temperature remains constant.

The Presto 07062 electric griddle is made of heavy cast aluminum, which is a high quality material for a griddle because it is resistant to warping. This griddle is also easy to store. It can fit in a standard kitchen cabinet with no issues with the handles taken off.

The drip tray is a slides out easily when you’re done cleaning, and cleaning it is just as easy as cleaning the cooking surface. It has a 30-inch cord and there are no hot spots on its ceramic cooking surface.

Presto 07062 Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the dimensions of this griddle’s cooking surface? Its cooking surface has a length of 22 inches and a width of 13 inches.

2. When the temperature reaches my desired setting, does the griddle turn off, or does the temperature fluctuate? While the griddle heats up to your setting, the heat control’s indicator glows and then turns off when it reaches your setting. This is the point where the Control Master heat control kicks into action and keeps the temperature at that level throughout your cooking session.

3. Is this griddle free of ceramic lead? Yes, as with all Presto appliances, this griddle is also lead free.

4. How low can I go with the temperature setting? The lowest temperature you can select in this electric griddle is 200 degrees.

5. Can this griddle give my pancakes that nice brown look? Yes, pancakes come out golden brown and delicious.

Presto 07062 User Reviews

I have no reason to put butter or oil in the pan before making my pancakes or preparing eggs. The eggs simply slide on the cooking surface.

User Revew

This is the best griddle I’ve had. There are no hot spots, it has a high quality nonstick finish, and I make sausages, bacon, eggs, and anything I want on it.

User Revew

10 strips of bacon made. Afterwards, 3 big pancakes – and no sticking at all. I’m impressed.

User Revew

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