The Best 8-Cup Food Processor in 2021

When you need a food processor for preparing large meals or family meals, you probably don’t want to get a food processor with less than an 8-cup capacity.

I’ve taken a look at a number of food processors and reviewed them, and as far as 8-cup food processors are concerned, the Black+Decker FP1600B is the best 8-cup food processor to buy.

It’s comes in black, which will match any kitchen’s interior and enhance the look of your countertop. It also doesn’t cost much, and that is a huge plus for it.

Black+Decker FP1600B 8-Cup Food Processor Review

Since this is a large capacity food processor, its capacity needs to match the strength of its motor, otherwise you’ll find it difficult to use. Thankfully, this one has a 450-Watt motor which is more than sufficient to process 8-cups worth of food easily and rapidly.

The 8-cup work bowl is the one feature of this food processor that you’re likely interested in more than anything else. It gives you plenty of room for chopping, shredding, and slicing different kinds of ingredients or making hummus, peanut butter, and anything else you want.

The Black+Decker FP1600B 8-cup food processor has a stainless steel blade for chopping and a stainless steel disc which serves as both a shredder and a slicer. It’s a reversible disc and it’s the perfect solution if you’re fed up with exhausting your forearms whenever you need to shred cheese or slice vegetables.

This food processor has a food chute for passing food and ingredients into the work bowl and you don’t need to turn it off while doing that. You can add more food and ingredients while it’s working.

Consistency is important when using a food processor and Black+Decker’s answer to this need is the pusher. You can use the pusher to bring food closer to the disc when slicing or shredding for more consistent results.

Using this food processor is easy as there are only two buttons to get familiar with. There’s the ON button to turn it on, and a dual-function OFF/PULSE button to turn it off or switch between pulse and continuous operation.

There’s also a safety feature that prevents the food processor from working until the work bowl’s lid is securely attached. So if you sometimes forget to cover your food processor before you turn it on, you’ll find this feature extremely useful.

All the detachable parts of this food processor are dishwasher-safe, which should make cleaning it up a breeze.

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