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We are a team of enthusiastic product analysts and reviewers. We’re good at what we do, which is essentially separating the good products from the bad ones. We’ll only recommend products that are worth the money to you. Anything else is off the table.

We structure our articles in a simple format and use a first person and second person narrative to make our articles easy to understand even if English is not your first language.

How did we get started with this? We thought…there are many products that go on sale everyday. A good portion of them have serious flaws, and many consumers don’t know how to properly research products before buying. It’s great that many ecommerce stores accept returns, but it’d be great to avoid going through the hassle of returning a product and simply purchasing the best one that you’ll never want to return at the very beginning.

Also, many customers get stuck with a defective product – which translates to money wasted – for various reasons. This is where we come in and help to avoid such situations by showing you the better options available to you. You can then make your own choices from our recommendations or continue your research from that point.

We are team of three – two product analysts and one editor and manager. You’re reading the work of James, the manager, right now. Elisa and Cory are our product analysts. Pardon us, but we prefer not to show our faces for several good reasons. Contact us, if you want a human interaction with the amazing individuals behind this website.

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